Manage Your Emails Differently With Incredimail

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Emails can quickly become overwhelming and being able to go through them on your iPad is a great way of clearing part of your inbox in a cab or a plane, without suffering from a smaller device’s screen size. Nevertheless, not all apps display emails in pleasant ways, which makes reading them a pain. Thanks to Incredimail‘s new approach to email, you’re likely to like reading and writing email again!

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The Concept

Incredimail’s philosophy is to make email smooth and easy for iPad users, with touch-based gestures and a generally more visual approach of displaying email messages. Because simplicity means you shouldn’t have to switch between apps to read emails from different accounts, the application integrates fully with all IMAP-based email providers, such as Gmail, iCloud, GMX, Yahoo, AOL and many more. Unfortunately, the application doesn’t support any other protocol (such as Microsoft Exchange) which means your work email unfortunately won’t make it to your Incredimail inbox — unless you forward it to an e-mail address from one of the above-mentioned providers.

Your Inbox

Your inbox combines messages from all of your accounts in a single place, and presents emails in a spacious and well-organized fashion. Each email is presented as a card or tile, which takes up a fair amount of screen space. This allows you it to skim through a message, without even having to open it. If the message has images attached to it, these will be displayed within the card, which will become bigger to accommodate the illustration. Incredimail can also automatically lookup a sender’s Facebook account and display their profile picture, so you can put a face to the name!

The unified inbox is colorful and uncluttered

The unified inbox is colorful and uncluttered

Each card allows you to scroll through messages straight from your inbox, which makes it even easier to read your emails quickly. Similarly, scrolling a card up will display a shortcuts bar, which will also you to reply, forward, mark as (un)read, star and archive a message.

Lastly, Incredimail has feature called a Facebook Photo inbox, which is basically an alternative way of displaying the pictures of your timeline. This so-called inbox won’t allow you to do much but browse Facebook photos, like them and share them through e-mail or Twitter. It’s unclear why this is called an inbox — i.e. a box of incoming messages — and why this feature has been implemented, as it doesn’t fit in such an email application.

The Facebook photo inbox is not useful

The Facebook photo inbox is not useful

Managing Emails

Sending and receiving email is fairly simple with Incredimail. The application is fairly good at displaying messages — as these are displayed in full screen — which I personally prefer to displaying them with the list of messages that’s constantly on the left-hand side à la Apple and Gmail. The margins can also be altered for your reading comfort, with one setting centering the message and adding a few pixels of blank space. If a message is part of a conversation, tapping one will bring up the conversation view. The application fully supports HTML messages and displays them perfectly without any missing content.

Conversation view

Conversation view

From within the reading page, you can reply, forward, archive or move a message. Incredimail is capable of pulling all the information from the servers to access your folders and labels, so you can move a message to the appropriate section if you’d like to keep it.

When writing an email, you can add a photo and pick from the application’s collection of stationeries. This makes your message looks somehow more joyful — and awfully unprofessional — in case you’re celebrating something or writing to a friend or relative. There is no other option when sending a message, so you’d better be sharing a nice landscape, as no other attachment types are allowed.

Incredimail has a collection of built-in stationeries

Incredimail has a collection of built-in stationeries


Despite nice features and ease of use, Incredimail has a certain number of limitations. While the app integrates fairly well with IMAP folders, it doesn’t support Gmail labels at all, making it much harder to apply one of several labels to a message. Similarly, the application only works with IMAP servers, and cannot communicate with POP or Exchange servers, which may restrict the sense of a “Unified Inbox”, especially if your work email won’t work with Incredimail. I was also disappointed when I realized the only file I could attach to an email was a picture. You therefore really can’t use this app for professional purposes.

Lastly, I’ve had issued with the Conversation Mode, as some of the messages were not showing anymore, even though they were still in my Inbox. Likewise, I couldn’t get the application’s search engine to find a single email I was looking for, whilst I quickly found it using the actual Gmail site.


Incredimail is a fun way of managing your emails through an innovative and simplistic approach. Unfortunately, the application is nice to use for a few days, but can quickly lead to frustration due to incompatibilities or lack of features. You’re more likely to use this app to talk to your friends, but there’s very little chance you’ll use it with your professional account. No matter the case, I recommend you give the app a try and judge for yourself!


A different approach to managing emails on your iPad, so it's more fun to be productive on the go