Moneywiz: Fluid and Simple iPad Money Management

Money management is an important part of everyone’s life and in this day and age, knowing how much money you’ve got and planning your spending is vital to making sure that your hard-earned dough goes the furthest. Today I will be looking at Moneywiz, a money management app for both the iPad and iPhone. It’s jam-packed full of features that help you track your spending whilst still keeping a watchful eye on your bank balance.

Let’s dive straight in and see what it has to offer.

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First Thoughts

Moneywiz is available for both the iPad and iPhone and is priced at $4.99 on the App Store. Unfortunately, it isn’t a universal application, so if you want to use the app on both devices you’ll have to buy it twice. The app does feature cloud sync, though, so all your transactions and accounts will appear on both devices.

Once you start up Moneywiz, you are greeted by the welcome screen, which asks you whether you want to sync your transactions data from their own sync service, Sync Everything!, or whether you want to set up a new account.

Moneywiz Welcome Screen

The welcome screen for Moneywiz, giving you the option of either setting up a new account or syncing existing ones.

For this review, we’ll set up a new account. Moneywiz supports current accounts, credit cards, savings accounts and cash accounts (so what’s in your wallet). It doesn’t offer support for downloading existing transaction data from your bank, so you’ll have to either enter all the transactions manually or start using Moneywiz from scratch using the existing balance of your current account as the opening balance. You can, however, import transaction data in OFX and QIF format.

Moneywiz Creating Accounts

Creating a new account in Moneywiz.

Moneywiz supports pretty much all world currencies and you can define the currency for each account you set up in the program, instead of being tied down to a common account currency like in other similar programs.

Once you’ve set up your account(s), you are greeted by the transactions screen, which lists all the transactions you’ve entered for your accounts as well as showing you the balance of all the accounts you have entered into Moneywiz.

Moneywiz Transactions

The transactions view in Moneywiz for all your accounts.

You’re now ready to start exploring all of Moneywiz’s fantastic features. Let’s take a look these in a bit more detail.


Moneywiz has a tonne of fantastic features hidden under its interface which is, without a doubt, the prettiest and sleekest for any money management app on the App Store. The app is effortlessly easy to use and almost everything about the program is easily accessible with a few taps.


Adding a new transaction to your account takes no longer than a couple of seconds, and this is vital when the app doesn’t integrate with your existing bank or account provider because no-one wants to spend half an hour after that shopping trip in town tapping all their purchases into Moneywiz.

Moneywiz Adding a Transaction

Adding a transaction in Moneywiz takes no time at all.

You can add either income, expenses or transfers between accounts in Moneywiz and the app will even let you choose a category for it (which can be edited in the settings section), which comes in useful when it comes to reporting (we’ll have a look at this in a bit).

If you want to keep a tighter track of your spending, Moneywiz allows you to add images from your iPad’s camera roll to each transaction (for example, a picture of the receipt) and you can sort transactions by their description, amount, date and payee.


This is where Moneywiz really becomes a powerful tool for money management as it allows you to set up budgets for individual categories, which can really help you keep a tighter control on your finances. In our screenshot below, we are setting a budget of €200 a month for car fuel.

Moneywiz Budget

Setting a €200 monthly budget for fuel costs in Moneywiz.

The app monitors your budget in real time and alerts you if you are close to, or have overshot, your budget limit.

There’s no need to do anything either, all you have to do is carry on entering your purchases as normal into the transactions screen and the app will keep track of your spending automatically.

Scheduling Transactions

One of the best features of Moneywiz is the ability to schedule repeat transactions (such as your monthly salary payment or direct debits out of your account). You can set up repeating incomes, expenses and transfers between accounts and you can also define the exact day and time of the transaction and whether or not it should be repeated daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and so on.

Moneywiz Scheduled Transactions

Adding a scheduled transaction (e.g. your salary payment or a monthly bill) into Moneywiz.


Moneywiz also gives you the option to create a wide range of reports based on your transactions and spending habits, helping you keep a more precise track on where you are spending your money and how much you are spending each month.

Moneywiz Reports

Creating reports in Moneywiz allows you to track your spending much more accurately.

You can choose reports on, for example, your net worth, your daily spending trends, your forecasted spending (based on any scheduled income such as wages as well as any scheduled expenses), your spending by category and so on.

You can define the exact time period for each report (days, months, quarters, years and so on) and every single report can either be saved locally on your iPad or exported to both PDF and CSV formats.

Final Thoughts

So what do I think of Moneywiz? The answer: it’s absolutely brilliant. It proves that money management apps don’t have to be boring and functional – the interface is simply stunning and although it’s not yet been optimised for the new iPad, on a retina display it looks absolutely fantastic.

I love the functionality of the app as well. It’s so practical for almost everything and given the range of features, it’s not just limited to individual customers as well – small businesses could use it to keep track of their finances as well.

The developers, Silverwiz Ltd, really deserve to give themselves a pat on their back as they just reiterated exactly why I bought an iPad – because I appreciate both fluidity and functionality in an app. The screenshots on the App Store really don’t do Moneywiz any justice because you really have to download this fantastic app to appreciate just what it can do. You (and your finances) certainly won’t regret it.


A money management tool for both the iPad and iPhone with a great interface and a wide range of features.