Pagico Plus: Another To-Do App in a Crowded Category

The developers over at Pagico gave us an early look at their long awaited update for their task planning app, Pagico Plus. With a desktop client already available for Mac, Windows, and Ubuntu, they ventured into mobile apps with the introduction of Pagico Plus last year.

While Pagico Plus syncs with and can be used in conjunction with the desktop version, it can also function as a standalone app. As you know, there are already plenty of task management apps out there, so let’s see how Pagico Plus stacks up!

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Simple, Elegant Design

I always appreciate when the design of an app has been well thought out and that’s one of the first things you notice when opening Pagico Plus. In the left hand sidebar there are two sets of 3 buttons. The top three buttons switch between the main areas – the dashboard, inbox, and workspaces. The bottom three buttons are signing out, syncing, and creating new tasks and notes.


The dashboard gives you an overall view of your calendar and tasks.

The dashboard is the default area open when you launch the app. Separated into three sections, you can quickly see a list of your tasks for the current week in a calendar view, a flowchart for those who prefer a graphic representation, or all your tasks and projects. The calendar view is the most useful here as I find it hard to see much use for the flowchart version and the list of all tasks is very similar to the inbox.


I preferred the simple interface of Pagico Plus for scheduling an appointment over the standard system used in iOS.

The inbox is similar to what you’d expect from any to-do app. This is where you can view any tasks and notes that you choose to save to the inbox. Adding tasks is simple and the scheduling layout is one of the nicest I’ve seen in a mobile app. When you want to set a start time or due date a three column format is displayed for easily choosing the date, time, and when you want to be reminded. I preferred the tap to choose method over the standard slot machine style scrolling that is included in most iOS apps.

Working With Teams

The main feature that distinguishes Pagico Plus from other to-do apps is the workspaces component. This gives you the ability to collaborate with small teams and share to-dos and notes for team projects. You are given one workspace with 100 MB of space available and up to 3 participants to begin with, but if you want more you’ll have to pay a monthly fee. At this time the only other option is to work with up to 6 participants, but there will soon be plans for groups of 12 and 24 people.

Workspaces are private and you must send someone an invite code in order to include them. In order to invite someone simply swipe the name of the workspace and select invite. If someone on your team doesn’t have Pagico Plus you can share tasks with them via email.

Make sure you buy the correct desktop version if you are going to share workspaces with other team members who don’t have iPads. The $30 version enables sharing of projects and the $50 version can share projects and contacts.

I was a little disappointed that there was no dedicated area for organizing your own tasks by project, but found you can also use workspaces for simple project management. It works well for those of us who would rather have our tasks categorized by projects, but don’t need the ability to share with team members. Of course, as I mentioned, space is limited, so it may not suit all your needs in this area.


The workspace area can be used for managing multiple tasks in a project or collaborating with your team.

If you’re having trouble finding a feature that seems like it should be included try looking through the tutorial by tapping the question mark in the upper right hand corner. Sometimes I found other features by swiping across different tasks and workspaces.

Pros and Cons

The overall design is very attractive with a simple, clean interface. I liked how easy it was to schedule a task and the ability to set an unlimited number of reminders for each to-do. You can also add repeating tasks, which for me is the biggest downfall of many available to-do apps. However, there is no option for scheduling tasks on a certain day of the week each month (such as the 3rd Monday of every month) or every couple months (bimonthly, quarterly, etc.).

Unfortunately, there is no way to see just the tasks on your list for each separate day, so looking at all your tasks can be a little overwhelming. I was also disappointed when finished tasks weren’t automatically removed after checking them off. I felt like I was missing out on the satisfaction of checking another item off my list and seeing it disappear, an important feature for some users depending on your personality. In order to remove a completed task from the inbox you have to manually tap the trash can to delete it.

All Tasks

Taking a look at all my tasks for the week. Either I just started using this app or my week is pretty open!

Another feature that I appreciate but was missing here is the ability to search all my tasks to find one quickly. I also would like to see a way to share files with team members using the workspaces feature, but I understand that would require more server storage space.

Does It Stand Out?

For me, while Pagico Plus looks great, some of the missing features mentioned above keep me from fully recommending this as your go to to-do app. As a standalone app it just simply can’t compare to the many other options available in this category.

I could see purchasing this app if you’re someone who is really interested in using the workspaces to collaborate with your team members or you already own the desktop client. However, depending on your needs the cost of these plans can add up fast if you need a lot of workspace storage or people who need to use the desktop version as well.

Have you used any of the Pagico products? What’s your favorite task manager?


With a desktop client already available for Mac, Windows, and Ubuntu, the developers at Pagico ventured into mobile apps with the introduction of Pagico Plus last year. While Pagico Plus syncs with and can be used in conjunction with the desktop version, it can also function as a standalone app. The latest update brings some nice features, but unless you are looking to work with teams it may not satisfy as a standalone task manager.