Wrike: Streamlines Teamwork and Project Management

Wrike is a powerful collaboration and project management tool that’s aimed at helping improve efficiency, transparency and productivity in organizations.

Wrike is suitable for everyone from freelancers and small businesses to multinational corporations, and is used by companies as big as Adobe, PayPal and MTV so it’s clearly a very powerful and capable tool. The Wrike iOS app allows you to access all of the most important features of the Wrike web app on the move and keep tabs on your team’s projects and activities. This includes the ability to create new tasks, stay on top of important project updates, message team members, and see the most important pending tasks for your team.

Cut down on meetings with clear project overviews

Wrike is a very well organized forum for team members and colleagues to discuss tasks and ideas and manage schedules. If you find that you’re getting bogged down in too many project meetings, Wrike can help change this by providing a transparent and structured way for colleagues to come together.

Of course, Wrike can never replace meetings but it provides a very logical and transparent way to ensure any tasks that emerge from standups and other team meetings get done. The net result is that you should find you spend less time in meetings updating colleagues on project news and more time getting things done, since Wrike has it all under control.

Wrike allows you to organize all of your projects and related tasks in a single, unified workspace. You can add pretty much any type of data to your projects and upload most file types, which are accessible and searchable to all team members at any time. Wrike then uses Gantt charts to give clear overviews of key projects and who is working on them.

Wrike features clear Gantt chart overviews of remaining projects.

Wrike features clear Gantt chart overviews of remaining projects.

Managers or team members can then drill down projects to see completion rate, assign others to projects and adjust scheduling simply by dragging project bars around.

Wrike's mobile app features clear Gantt chart overviews of your projects

Wrike’s mobile app allows you to drill down projects for more details, assign members and adjust schedules.

Everything takes place in real-time in Wrike, with live updates published in group activity streams similar that act in a similar way to the news feed in Facebook. When a project or tasks is completed, you can simply swipe it across the task list to make it disappear.

Wrike's task lists are easy to edit and manage according to priority.

Wrike’s task lists are easy to edit and manage according to priority.

Full Wrike web app functionality – almost

The Wrike app is a native iOS app and the iPad version has recently been through a major update to improve the interface and add more functionality. The app is free to use with both the Professional and Enterprise versions and simply requires you to sign in with your Wrike account details.

The iOS app offers almost all of the functionality of the web version of Wrike including allowing you to administer to-do lists, create tasks, connect with colleagues, and search for specific project details, files and photos. However, there are some subtle usability differences in the way tasks can be expanded and collapsed and the way you drill down tasks compared to the web app. You can also receive news of important project changes via push notifications too.

The Wrike mobile app does have some limitations compared to the web app. For example, you can’t duplicate tasks or make bulk changes and there doesn’t seem anyway to enable background updating of projects.

Wrike is also integrated with a huge number of third-party services including Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, WordPress, Salesforce and Outlook, although some of these you can only really benefit from if you’re on a desktop. You can check out the full list of integrated services in the Wrike integration list but note that iCloud is still not supported.

Powerful, easy to use and effective

Wrike is available in Professional or Enterprise editions and you can choose which one you want to use when you start the free trial. The Professional version supports viewing projects on a timeline, a live collaborative editor, Outlook and Apple Mail email integration and free access to the mobile apps. The Enterprise edition includes all of this plus additional budgeting and resource tracking, custom reporting and analytics, user grouping and administration and advanced integrations & security.

Wrike is a very well organized project management tool that should see significant savings in time and increased productivity for your time. The fact that Wrike is used by so many big companies shows that it’s clearly a very effective tool for organizations of any size.

Check out more information about the Wrike software and its features here


Highly versatile project management application.