Wunderlist HD: Your Tasks in the Cloud

As long as there have been things that humans needed to do, we’ve been keeping up with them one way or another. From scratches on the walls of caves, to strings on our fingers, or pads of paper, we’ve always managed to find a new way to keep ourselves on track.

The problem hasn’t gotten any better, either. Today, we’re bombarded with hundreds of things we need to do. The good thing is that the iPad, your latest gadget, is great for keeping up with your tasks.

The problem isn’t finding a todo list app; the problem is finding the right one for you. There are dozens of high quality todo list apps on the App Store today, and many of them are beautifully designed and offer unique features to help you keep up with what you need to do.

One of the newest todo list apps for iPad, Wunderlist HD, is an exciting multiplatform task management app that has become extremely popular since its release. Keep reading to see what this free todo list app offers and how it can make you more productive on your iPad.

Meet Wunderlist

Wunderlist was first released as a new todo list app for Mac and Windows computers last November, and became an instant favorite with its beautiful UI and seamless syncing and sharing between accounts and computers. Since then, the team has released Wunderlist for Android, iPhone, and iPad, in addition to turning Wunderlist into a Web app that you can use from any computer.

Wunderlist HD brings all of these great features to your iPad. If you’ve already used Wunderlist on another device, you can just sign in with your existing account and get all of your tasks in seconds. Otherwise, simply create a new account on your iPad, and then later you can add Wunderlist to your other devices and sync with your new account.

Signup for a new account or login with your existing one

Wunderlist is wonderfully simple to use and shouldn’t take much time to get used to. It’ll start you out with a sample set of tasks that explain Wunderlist HD’s main features.

On the left, you’ll see your task lists, while the main right pane shows the tasks in your lists. If your iPad is in portrait mode the lists will be available from a menu, while your tasks will fill your iPad screen.

Wunderlist with a default list to start you off

Organize Your Tasks

Adding tasks is simple. Just tap the entry box on the top of your task list, type in your task, then press Done on the virtual keyboard to enter the task. If you’d like to add more info right along with your new task, then tap the plus button instead and enter your task along with its due date, priority, notes, and more.
If you want to quickly prioritize a new task, just tap the star on the left corner to add a red bookmark to it.

Whenever you’re online, your tasks will be synced to your online Wunderlist account and any other Wunderlist apps you’ve activated.

You can also add tasks via email by emailing your task to [email protected] from the email address you used to create your account.

Add tasks right from your list

Once you’ve added tasks, you can still edit them or add more info if you’d like. Tap the task you want to edit, and a popup will open where you can add notes, set a due date, or prioritize the task. You can also move your task to a new list. This way, you can quickly enter everything you need to do in the inbox, then later schedule the tasks and move them into appropriate lists.

Whether you use GTD or another task management system, you can create lists that work for your work style and organize your tasks as you want.

Schedule tasks and add notes by tapping them

New tasks are, oddly enough, added to the bottom of your lists. While any tasks you send into a list from other lists show up on the bottom, too. If you want to reorganize your tasks, just click the pencil button on the top right, then drag and drop your tasks into the order you want.

You can also delete tasks from this edit mode as well; or alternatively, swipe over a task to reveal a delete button without turning on the edit mode. The same tricks work on your lists menu as well, so you can have tasks and lists prioritized as you need.

Rearrange tasks or delete them quickly

Find the Next Task

Unlike Wunderlist’s desktop and Web apps, Wunderlist HD on the iPad currently doesn’t include the ability to search your tasks. However, under your lists menu you’ll find a variety of alternate views that can help your narrow down your tasks.

You can display the tasks that are due today, tomorrow, this week, later, or just see your tasks marked with a star. It would be great to see a search tool added in the near future – for those of us with tons of tasks in Wunderlist!

Sort your tasks by due date and more

Collaborate With Others

Besides seamless online syncing, Wunderlist’s other best feature is the ability to share lists. Tap the people icon on the top of a task list to open a sharing menu. Once there you can simply enter your friend or coworker’s email address to share your list with their Wunderlist account.

Once you’ve shared a list, you’ll see the people icon beside your shared list in the menu. The best thing is, you’re only sharing one list; your other task lists are still private to your account.

If you share a list with someone that isn’t already using Wunderlist, they’ll receive an email inviting them to create a Wunderlist account. Once they’ve done this, share your list again to make sure they can see your shared tasks.

Share lists with anyone

Tweak Wunderlist

As you may have noticed from the screenshots, Wunderlist’s interface can be customized with a wide variety of included background images. All of the Wunderlist apps include a dozen backgrounds, ranging from clean textures, to dramatic shots. You can also choose how Wunderlist displays dates, and set your preferred language. You’ll find all of these options and more by tapping the gear button on the top of the lists menu.

Tweak your task manager settings


Wunderlist is a great tool for keeping up with everything you need to do. You can share lists and sync them with your online account, organize them as you wish, and customize the app with the background of your choice.

Wunderlist is nearly perfect, though it is one of the slower todo list apps we’ve used. This may be because it is built from the Titanium framework, but at any rate, we’d really like to see its performance improved in future updates.

Additionally, I personally really like the way Things lets you add tags to tasks, but in Wunderlist, lists are the only way you can organize tasks. That said, and considering that it’s a free app and the entire set of Wunderlist apps has been produced in only a few months, it’s a very impressive app that includes many of the features that other todo list apps still don’t have!


Wunderlist HD may be one of the newest todo list apps for iPad but, with online sync, list sharing, and integration with Windows and Mac apps, it offers more functionality for free than many other paid apps do.