Salesforce1 Brings the power of Salesforce to Your Mobile

Saleforce is one of the world’s leading CRM solutions and Salesforce1 is a fresh and convenient way to harness the power of Salesforce on your iOS device. Salesforce1 is a PaaS solution that allows your business to extend the benefits of Salesforce’s technology to all departments of your company.

The Salesforce1 platform allows you to store and track information, leverage data and workflows already inside Salesforce, automate processes, and manage it all with powerful reporting tools.

You can integrate data from almost any source and give more power and real time information to your sales team wherever they are. You can leverage advanced tools to build custom applications that scale automatically, connecting devices, consumers, and lines of business.

Built on the same powerful Salesforce platform

The desktop Salesforce1 platform allows different lines of your business to develop enterprise apps without the need to write code and the iPad app is built on the same base. It uses a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) infrastructure that makes the development process very visual and allows administrators to build applications, create triggers and workflows, and manage your data with an easy to use drag-and-drop interface.

There are no issues with incompatibility between different devices either, because apps built on the Salesforce1 platform run everywhere i.e. on desktops, mobile phones, tablets, and even wearable devices. Of course, you can still customize apps with code if necessary and Salesforce1 allows developers to write code in most major programming languages including Node.js, PHP, Ruby and Python.

Salesforce1 gives a clear overview of sales contacts and opportunities.

Salesforce1 gives a clear overview of sales contacts and opportunities.

Empowers you during the sales process

SalesForce1 conveniently brings all your Chatter, CRM, custom apps, and business processes together on your iOS mobile device and allows you to both customize and build any app and deploy it through Salesforce1.

Salesforce1 is all about delivering sales stats and information quickly wherever you are. It’s made up of various components to help manage your business anywhere, anytime. For example, the Today app gives you convenient access to your Salesforce calendar so that your sales team can see the most important upcoming dates, meetings and deals at a glance.

All dates, appointments and other sales data in Salesforce1 are updated in real time, and you can view the latest stats and data using the Dashboards and Custom Reports menus. If you don’t want the hassle of having to trawl through your dashboards or reports for specific data you can add them to a feed and see everything that’s important to you instantly with Feed First.

Salesforce1 guides your sales team through the sales process via the Action Bar.

Salesforce1 guides your sales team through the sales process via the Action Bar.

Salesforce1 is geared towards driving sales and managing your CRM from anywhere. The app allows you to manage leads, contacts, accounts, and opportunities from your iPad or iPhone – and also enables you to instantly share ideas, files and other data with your team.

There’s also a useful Tasks feature which enables you to create, sort, and review your to do lists. You can also make things easier and quicker for yourself by customizing the Salesforce1 mobile app and configuring custom actions to speed-up frequently performed actions.


There’s no doubting that Salesforce1 is a very powerful app but the usability isn’t without problems and its not quite the same experience as using it on a desktop computer. Salesforce1 can be quite slow and unresponsive on iOS at times, especially when trying to edit data.

It also requires a constant internet connection – there’s no way to edit data offline and sync it later when you’re online again. For security reasons too, Salesforce1 also requires to log in again frequently if your device is idle for sometime which can be quite annoying.

Overall though, Salesforce1 is an incredibly powerful application and an essential tool for anyone that already uses the Salesforce platform. Salesforce1 is invaluable for providing team members with the ability to view and update contacts, accounts and other important sales information from their mobile device.

There are very few limits to how you want to customize Salesforce1 and despite some issues with the speed of the app, it’s definitely a worthwhile investment to drive more sales to your business. Don’t forget there are separate cloud iterations of Salesforce in the shape of Salesforce Service Cloud, Salesforce Sales Cloud, and Salesforce Marketing Cloud.


Drives more sales to your business on iOS.