SecureSafe: Bank Level Security on Your iPad

Lately you may have noticed the consistent stream of headlines that pertain to user security and data safety. People are getting worried about how secure their mobile devices, and information, actually is. With this thirst for security comes a service and app combo that wants to help secure your personal data.

The service and app is called SecureSafe, a multi-part service that employs encryption on many different devices and on many different mediums. From photos to docs to passwords, SecureSafe can secure them all. Let dive right in!

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Getting Started

As I mentioned earlier, SecureSafe is a service that is complimented by mobile apps for devices, including the iPad. If you visit their website you will find the plans for their service. All of the apps for mobile devices are free. However, there are four levels of service you can purchase from SecureSafe. The have a free service which is quite limited, and three paid tiers that start at $1.50/month and go up to $12.90/month.

SecureSafe Pricing Options

SecureSafe pricing plans.

After you have decided which plan you prefer, visit the App Store and download the SecureSafe app, which is free. Once you open the app, you can quickly signup or sign in if you signed up online first. Once completed, you are ready to dig in!

SecureSafe In-App Signup

SecureSafe in-app signup.


I am going to start this review talking about how SecureSafe secures your data and their methods. SecureSafe has three levels of encryption and each level has features that will protect your data.

First is encryption on your iPad or other device. On the iPad, SecureSafe uses an AES-256 key to encrypt passwords on the device. Next are your credentials. Credentials are protected with both SSL and AES-256 encryption. Finally is server side security. SecureSafe has both physical security of its data centers and security software on their servers. As far as security is concerned, your information is highly secure based on the advanced encryption techniques SecureSafe uses.


So we know your data will be secure, but exactly what can you do with SecureSafe? You know what you put in will be safe, but what exactly does SecureSafe on the iPad do? SecureSafe allows you to input your various passwords from different sites around the web into their secure box and you can retrieve them whenever you need them from any computer or mobile device. The developers tout the service and accompanying app as a “bank vault” for your data. Although it sounds cheesy, it is true. Not only does it allow you to securely store passwords, it also allows you to store photos and documents.

Storing passwords in the SecureSafe iPad app is very easy. All you need to do is login into the app on your iPad and simply click the plus button and fill out the form. Once you place the password into the app, it will be synced directly onto their secure severs.

All data is secured for you in their cloud.

Creating Passwords

Creating passwords in SecureSafe.

If you have a paid plan, you can upload many types of documents and pictures in the same manner in which you can input passwords. Once uploaded, you can access them from any computer with web access.

User Interface & Design

The user interface can make or break the experience of using an app. If it’s ugly, you’re not going to want to use it at all!

The user interface of SecureSafe is interesting. It works functionally but, it looks almost like a port of a computer program with its graphics. It has a bank vault motif going on that could be a little more refined. The rivets in the “steel” are all good and well, but the gold, silver, and black feel very uninviting. The right designer could make the steel interface work like in the app 1Password which Jon Adair reviewed a short while ago. We will pit both of these applications together in the next section.

While the UI leaves much to be desired, the actual interface with the tabs and simplified functions perform well and make up for some of the more obvious shortcomings.

SecureSafe User Interface

SecureSafe user interface.

SecureSafe vs 1Password

When discussing SecureSafe you can’t help but think about and compare the app to one of the most popular iPad security apps out there, 1Password. I will do the task of briefly comparing the two for you!

Both SecureSafe and 1Password store passwords and documents. However, 1Password does a better job with functionality as far as storing many diverse types of data; it includes Social Security Numbers, Membership cards, Bank accounts, licenses, and more. 1Password also includes sync with a desktop client, like SecureSafe, and includes Dropbox support.

Design wise, you certainly can’t dismiss the gorgeous, an perhaps Apple-inspired, design style of 1Password. It takes the vault concept and transforms it with style, SecureSafe just does not impress design wise. Although 1Password does not have a website component, you also don’t have the monthly fee as SecureSafe does.

While SecureSafe does offer very secure cloud storage, for many people 1Password will offer the best cost to functionality ratio and also has the looks on its side. If you are interested in 1Password, don’t forget to check out our review.

1Password Pro

1Password Pro

SecureSafe Interface

SecureSafe interface.


SecureSafe has an impressive level of physical and digital security, with its data centers that were certified by the Swiss Banks. You can store your passwords and files with ease and access them from anywhere you have a web connection and web browser.

If you find yourself interested in SecureSafe, you’ll definitely also want to check out 1Password – which offers a nicer interface and design, and more functionality for the money.


Keep your passwords and files on a bank level secure server and access it anywhere you have an internet connection with SecureSafe.