Seasonality Go: A Powerful Weather Station

With the recent trend in the App Store it is surprising to see a weather app which is not following the bandwagon by making the simplest one possible. Seasonality Go breaks this trend by trying to become your weather power station. Instead of finding simple colors with a sliver of weather data and no real grasp of weather predictability, Seasonality Go provides a complete weather solution showcasing weather prediction with current weather conditions. When looking at weather apps there are always questions such as the reliability of the app and its weather data. Keep reading on to see how Seasonality Go stacked up in these crucial features.

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Home Screen

When first opening the app, a home screen is pre-loaded with different weather modules to showcase some of the capabilities within the app. At first, let’s look at the top two weather modules which are the current conditions and the seven-day forecast. The current conditions include the current temperature, wind directions and speed, barometric pressure, feels like temperature, and more. Beside the current conditions is the seven day forecast module. The module shows descriptive conditions for day and night of each day while showing the high and low for each day. The seven day forecast also supports pinch to zoom to see every three hour detail for each day in your seven day forecast.

The home screen provides a quick glimpse at a lot of weather data.

The home screen provides a quick glimpse at a lot of weather data.

Looking underneath the current conditions and five day forecast yields weird dots moving throughout a radar screen. These furiously scattering dots are actually particles and they indicate what it would be like to drop thousands of particles onto the surface of the earth and watch them scatter. These particles will follow the wind direction and also move faster or slower depending on the wind speed. As you keep watching these particles, you may notice the particles change color. The change of colors is to represent temperature change as the particles moves through different regions. Particle mode gives an authentic look at certain areas based on temperature, wind direction, and wind speed.

Particle mode looks best when viewed from far out.

Getting lost in all of the particles!

Getting lost in all of the particles!

While the radar screen and particle mode is great, three graphs next to the radar screen are my most used areas of the app. These graphs show temperature, wind speed, and the chance of rain and are scrollable into the future as well as into the past. Probably the first setting you might want to tweak is to sync these graphs.

To turn on graph sync, double tap in any of the graphs and switch sync graphs to on.

Having the graphs scroll together makes it easy to keep track of where you are and see a lot of data very quickly. The graphs also support zooming in to see more detail by performing a pinch to zoom. Again, if you have enabled graphs to sync, all graphs will zoom in when pinching to zoom. Being able to control the chance of rain graph is extremely useful. The graph will show the chance of rain by time and how much rainfall will occur with as much detail as you desire.


In Seasonality Go it is not just about one screen but about your customized screen. The app allows the user to set up customized screens which populate along the left bar of the app. Tapping the plus sign will in the bottom left corner will showcase the different option of screens available. There are six options to get you started, but each option can be customized to showcase what is truly important to you. The six options include blank, default (home screen), just the graphs, map, travel and marine. The two options that I use the most are the map and travel view.

The full screen map view shows what is heading my way.

The full screen map view shows what is heading my way.

The map view provides a fullscreen radar map which showcases radar, satellite, and particle mode. The map supports radar in motion using hourly and 18-hour loops. I did find the radar in motion difficult to understand when viewing. On both time loop settings it was difficult to follow the weather patterns because the radar screen moves so quickly. I would appreciate the ability to slow down the playback speed of the radar in order to really track the weather.

The travel view shows important weather statistics for future trips or even while you are at home.

The travel view shows important weather statistics for future trips or even while you are at home.

The travel view is great for when you are planning to go out of town and need to check what the weather will be like when you arrive. When adding a travel screen, it is already customized with certain graphs and weather modules including radar, seven day forecast, precipitation amounts and probability and more. The module that I find to be the most useful is the astronomical data. The astronomical data module shows the locations current time, day length, and sunrise/sunset times. If you happen to be changing time zones during your travels, having this information available very quickly could be very beneficial.


Seasonality Go is very customizable. I have provided actual examples in the previous sections about areas where it is very beneficial to customize such as syncing the graphs but it is important to note that the whole aspect of the app can be customized to your desired weather needs. While the app provides examples of weather screens, Seasonality Go really shines when you can determine what weather statistics mean the most to you and organize your screens and modules to your perfect weather station. No other weather app that I have tried in the App Store has come close with the different customization options available to reach a desired state of an app.

When in doubt, just perform a double tap on a graph to see the different customization options.

Reliable Weather Data

A weather app without reliable weather data is useless. I have deleted countless weather apps from my iOS devices because the data did not seem to provide accurate results within reason. I am not a weather snob and do realize that the weather is constantly changing but I do not expect to get hit with an afternoon shower if the previous day’s weather prediction showed a 0% chance of rain. Seasonality Go does not just rely on one weather source but on multiple sources in order to provide accurate data. This is where the price tag of the app comes into play because you are paying to support the weather crunching of several data sources.

Seasonality Go relies on the National Weather Service, state-operated weather stations and research operations in order to always provide the most accurate weather data. Another reason that Seasonality Go went with reliable sources is because other weather apps in the App Store have actually been removed from the store due to the app losing their weather source. You do not have to worry about the app disappearing due to loss of weather data with Seasonality Go.

Seasonality Go does provide weather data internationality but you need to check their website for specifics related to your location. Some functionality may not be available outside of the United States, Puerto Rico, and Guam. Never fear though, they are working on providing full functionality to everyone.


While stating the obvious that weather geeks will and should be enthralled over this app, I believe even weather novices and casual users can see the value in Seasonality Go. The app has provided me a complete weather station which provides reliable weather data without ads. I would like to see an option for slower radar playback in order to track weather systems easier as they move through my area but overall I was very happy with Seasonality Go. If you are sick at looking at ads while trying to track a storm or would like more flexibility in your weather app, Seasonality Go should be your first place to look.


Seasonality Go provides a complete weather station with reliable weather data and unique features such as particle mode.