Zen Planner: Get Your Fitness Business Into Shape

Running a successful fitness business can be just as hard as breaking a sweat in the gym. Zen Planner is designed to take the the pressure off by automating much of the running of your business behind the scenes. Zen Planner is a powerful package that’s packed with tools and to make sure you manage your clients and business as efficiently as possible so you can focus on making things grow.

Zen Planner recently launched a self-service Kiosk iPad App for fitness business owners. The app enhances the membership management process at gyms, studios, and schools, and improves members’ experience in the gym.

Zen Planner can save you significant time and resources because it automates a lot of the administrative tasks that previously required several hours for staff members to complete, such as billing, payments, and scheduling.

Zen Planner’s easy-to-use Kiosk iPad App also helps staff members save time on administrative tasks by enabling members to check in for class, sign up for memberships, pay drop-in fees, purchase retail items, and sign documents, all on their own. By allowing members to self-serve, instructors are given more time to do what they love and interact with members rather than focusing on these time-consuming administrative tasks. 

Members can automatically check in and out

One of the most useful features for members of your gym is the ability to check into any class they are taking. This means you get a better idea of who is attending and who is not and less empty classes that could have been cancelled.

With Zen Planner’s Kiosk iPad App, members can simply check in to classes either by typing their names or scanning their individual barcode. New attendees can even sign up for memberships at your gym through the app, requiring no action from instructors.

The system allows members to make purchases of retail items while in the gym, which is more efficient than noting purchases on paper for later. The app allows members to select the item they want to purchase and then either pay with their credit card via an integrated encrypted credit card swiper – or pay instantly via the credit card details they have on file. There’s no need to record anything and members can view their purchase history at any time. If you’re running a class, this enables you to focus on doing it, rather than having to take payments for drinks and other things in the middle of it too.

Zen Planner Kiosk allows members to check-in and see what classes are available.

Zen Planner Kiosk allows members to check-in and see what classes are available.

The new member sign-up process simplifies the registration process so that no action is needed from your staff. The entire transaction is processed in the software. Your staff can easily sign-up new members, take their profile photo, record their digital signature and save their credit card in a matter of minutes.

Putting the customer first

Zen Planner has worked closely with clients to understand what’s important to businesses when it comes to administration and customer care and its clear that a lot of thought has gone into making the app as efficient as possible for both clients and businesses.

Customers have had direct input from everything to color palette to the ease of navigation and the developers are in close contact with new users to improve to the overall functionality of the Kiosk iPad App. Unfortunately though there’s no way to download and try the app yourself (it’s only available to current Zen Planner customers), but you can schedule a free demo with one of the Zen Planner Business Coaches to see the app in action.


Zen Planner’s Kiosk iPad App is designed to help with the specific demands of running a fitness business so if you’re looking to improve its efficiency, it’s definitely worth looking closer at. It makes for a great mobile compliment to the full, cloud-based Zen Planner solution.


Handy management app for fitness businesses