6 iPad Field Service Management Apps To Keep Tabs On Technicians

Mobile devices have made it much easier to track field workers from the office. Field technicians need to be mobile in order to do their job but managing teams outside of the workplace can still be tricky. Enter field service management apps for iPad to save the day!

Knowing what field technicians are doing at any given moment, why certain appointments or meetings weren’t fulfilled, and why others are taking so long is an essential part of managing a modern workforce and vitally important for companies in the service industry that rely on customer referrals to generate new business.

There are a growing number of field service management apps for iPad which service and repair-based businesses can use to enhance the efficiency and reliability of their offsite technicians. Although features and functionality differ between software, all good field service management apps offer mobile apps for field workers that managers can tap into on desktop to track their location, shorten billing cycles, cut down on unnecessary paperwork, and deliver a better overall service to customers. Most offer a lot more too, such as CRM features, invoicing and integration with accounting apps such as Xero or QuickBooks.

Businesses that use field service management apps for iPad are able to achieve better on-time records, deliver better services and most importantly, get more word of mouth referrals and positive reviews from satisfied customers.

So we’ve chosen some of the best iPad field service software to help you manage your mobile workforce. All of them are free but require a subscription to the corresponding cloud-based field service management service in order to actually use them.


GeoOp is a slick field service management app for iPad that works out of the box. The app features a centralized data repository where quotes, pending and ongoing jobs, recurring jobs, client data, job site photos, file attachments, invoices, and more can be accessed whenever, wherever from your iPhone.

Features of this iPad field service management app include the ability to change job statuses as you work, schedule jobs in real time, and even integrate job information with your other business tools, such as Xero, FreshBooks and Unleashed.

Pricing: From $39 per month




Synchroteam Field Service Management (FSM) helps businesses to more efficiently manage mobile workers, simplify their processes, and optimize costs per revenue. The Synchroteam iPad field service management app brings all these benefits to iOS and even works offline if you have no network coverage out in the field.

Synchroteam for iPad supports features including work order management, job reports, push notifications, and allows you to accept or decline jobs. You can also capture signatures by customers for work accepted or done.

In terms of tracking, Synchroteam uses GPS to show the real-time the location of your workers and customers and makes it easy to drag and drop a job onto the right technician based on his availability, competencies and location.

The Syncroteam iPad app is free to download and you can try the service free for 14 days.

Pricing: From $28 per month.



Jobber Pro

Jobber Pro is the mobile companion to the Jobber web app which is a scheduling, invoicing and field service management app that gives you instant access to both team status, location, and customer information from any iPad or mobile device.

To track field service workers, Jobber supports GPS waypoint tracking so you can see exactly where your workforce is throughout the day. You can also schedule, assign, and notify your team with just a couple of clicks making management very easy indeed. Technicians can see at a glance upcoming tasks, appointments and geographical location of their next customers. Customers can also sign your iPad in order to accept deliveries and services.

Jobber for iPad also supports other useful administration features such as quotes, scheduling, job tracking, billing and invoicing, and electronic payments, although QuickBooks integration is limited to the web app.

There’s no free version but you can try Jobber on your iPad free for 30 days.

Pricing: From $39 per month.




Kickserv takes care of everything from online appointments and sales to job tracking, team scheduling and estimate, invoice and online payments. Team members can quickly add their time entries into the mobile app and you can see exactly where they are and which customer they are with on your iPad or desktop computer.

The Kickserv iPhone field service management app allows technicians to send automatic team status updates to the office, enter schedules, time tracking, charges and notes, easily see your jobs and opportunities from the field and attach notes, documents, and images to a job. Kickserv can also be used to both bill customers and track payroll reports.

Kickserv’s field service management features are suited to freelancers, and those who makes house calls in sectors like HVAC, plumbing, construction, lawncare, maid services, and pest control.

There’s no free version of Kickserv on iPhone but there is a free 14-day free trial to test it out first.

Pricing: From $29 per month.




The MHelpdesk field service software application for iPad is a very user friendly app for small to medium sized businesses. MHelpdesk is easy enough for anyone to manage, track, and schedule field technicians for many different types of business in the service industry.

One of the best features of MHelpdesk is job progress tracking, which is highly customizable, enabling you to build your very own custom workflow to track every step of a job. MHelpdesk for iPad allows you to track time spent on jobs and your team can deliver data back to the office in real time.

Another very useful feature of MHelpdesk is the automatic job assignment tool, which saves time by automatically assigning routine jobs to the same agents or field workers, rather than have to manually distribute the work. This can be delivered to field technicians in the form of push notifications.

The MHelpdesk application is free for iPad and there’s a free trial and money back guarantee for the web app which you can use to test out the mobile version.

Pricing: From $99 per month.





FieldLocate field service management software for iPad, is specialized in geo-tracking your team to help you keep tabs on their location. The iOS tracking features are some of the most complete of any field service management software for iPad.

FieldLocate uses GPS tracking and like all good SaaS field tracking apps also allows you to process and receive payments in the field. The tracking features are highly detailed because you can track track in real-time when a job starts, when it is paused, and when it is completed. This means field service managers can see updates to the job in real time and notify the next customer so they don’t have to wait around wondering when they’ll be served. Push notifications also alert field technicians when new tasks are due and when the next appointment is.

FieldLocate is perfect for those that need detailed tracking data and you can try a free fully functional demo for free which you can use to test out the iPad app too.

Pricing: From $70 per month.



These top iPad field service management apps can make the best of your tablet’s capabilities and ensure your field technicians always remain within touching distance. Let us know what field service management apps you use, and check out our sister site GetRank’s ranking of the top 25 cloud field service management software.