7 Best Billing Software For iPad To Make Invoicing Fun!

Invoicing is sometimes sorely overlooked by small businesses and freelancers. It’s important to keep on top of invoicing clients but this is easier said than done when you have multiple invoices and clients to issue and deal with each month. Missed or inaccurate invoices can lead to delays and headaches further down the line. Nowadays, businesses needs to be able to issue and track invoices on the move and the good news is there are several iPad invoicing apps that can do much of the donkey work for you.

Most good billing and invoicing software has a native mobile app although you may find that some of them don’t give you the kind of features and access you get in the web version. All of them will help the pain out of billing clients without the need for a big finance department though. We’ve picked 7 of the best invoicing software for iPad. Generally, you’ll need a subscription to one of these services to get the most out of the apps, but most offer a free trial or “freemium” mode.

Get ready to transform the way you create and send invoices!

Zoho Invoice

Zoho Invoice is great for those who like to use multiple transfer options to receive payments from their iPad. Zoho invoice helps you to get paid quicker, working with services such as PayPal to make sure your clients can pay you in their preferred method.

Zoho Invoice – which is part of Zoho’s suite of products including Zoho Books (below) – also supports payments via Checkout, and Authorize.net, as well as allowing you to make partial payments.

Apart from its iPad billing software, there are also also Zoho Invoice mobile apps for iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone, although they are limited compared to the web version. Note that in the app store, Zoho Invoice is listed as “Invoicing and Time Tracking App – Zoho Invoice” and is not to be confused with the Zoho Books listing (below).

Pricing: Freemium. Free for up-to 5 customers. Prices then start from $7 per month for extra customers/invoices/estimates/projects/users.


zoho invoice ipad

Zoho Invoice

Zoho Books

Zoho Books for iPad is aimed at freelancers and small business owners and makes it very easy to issue and track invoices. Zoho Books has a very well designed interface that’s aimed at those with little accounting or book keeping experience. Zoho Books is actually listed in the app store as “Invoicing App – Zoho Books” and is not to be confused with Zoho Invoicing above even though the app looks very similar.

Zoho Books is suitable for a wide range of professionals from accountants and business owners, to designers, journalists, interior designers and more.

Of course, because it’s a Zoho product, this iPad invoicing app integrates seamlessly with Zoho CRM, which is useful for sales teams to check the payment record and credit status of clients.

Pricing: From $9 per month.

zoho books ipad

Zoho Books

Billings Pro

Billings Pro is an elegant web invoicing software which is popular with those that own iOS devices and Mac. The software boasts native apps for both iPad and Mac and these offer most of the functionality of the web version and look and feel as smooth as Apple users demand.

Billings Pro is a very well integrated invoicing app that works seamlessly across iOS and OS X and has additional features for tracking time, mileage, and expenses anywhere on your iPad.

The iPad app looks great and if that’s not mobile enough for you, Billings Pro even embraces the Apple Watch for those that want the ultimate mobile invoicing solution.

Pricing: Freemium. Billings Pro is free for one invoice, one estimate and one statement per month. Prices for more invoices, estimates, and statements start from $5 per month.

billings pro ipad

Billings Pro


Xero is often ranked as one of the best iPad billing and invoicing apps for many reasons. Xero offers an iPad app although it doesn’t has the wealth of useful and interesting features such as multi-currency, expense tracking, and bank reconciliation of the web version.

In the web version, you can extend the functionality of Xero with lots of add-ons too that integrate Xero with other third party apps for a smoother experience although you can’t do this with the iPad app. However, you can use the web version on iPad to enjoy all of the benefits of Xero.

Xero has a really slick interface and is if you just need to manage invoices on the go, the Xero iPad invoicing app is ideal.

Pricing: From $9 per month.

xero ipad



WorkflowMax is a powerful web invoicing solution which combines project management with invoicing. There is no native iPad app, but you can use the WorkflowMax View mobile web version, which supports time tracking for invoices. Additionally, you can use the Actual For WorkflowMax app on your iPhone to track your hours worked, selecting jobs, tasks, and dates to help you record what you’re doing so you can invoice accurately.

If you’re a project manager that’s also involved in invoicing and billing clients, WorkflowMax is worth looking at because it also helps you to generate leads and quotes, track time, send invoices and of course, manage project schedules.

If you’re looking for a solution that offers both project management and invoicing, WorkflowMax is an excellent package.

Pricing: From $15 per month.





Issuing or paying multiple invoices every month, and tracking them, can be a full time job in itself. And if your product or business works on a subscription model, this is especially true, since monthly or weekly payments needing to be managed.

To get the full functionality of Fusebill on iOS you need to use the web app on iPad as there’s no native app although there is a Fusebill app on the App Store that allows you to take payments on the move which can be integrated for invoicing in the web app.

Fusebill is very good at managing regular transactions thanks to its special features for managing recurring payments. Fusebill also integrates with CRM tools, such as Salesforce and Netsuite, to bring your invoicing and sales operations closer.

Pricing: From $499 per month.






If you’d rather just set and forget your invoicing then you should take a closer look at another recurring billing tool, Chargeover. This billing software automates the generation of invoices, charges credit cards and sends email reminders when bills are overdue. There’s no native iPad invoicing app but you can use the web app on iOS perfectly well.

Chargeover also enables you to create your own branded templates to make your business look really professional. You can even create customized customer portals where customers can make payments.

Pricing: From $65 per month.

chargeover screenshot


This is some of the best billing software for iPad apps, that should take the stress out of invoicing by harnessing the power of billing software on iPad. Let us know which applications you use for your invoicing needs, and if you’d like more information on the top cloud-based billing and invoicing applications, check out our sister site GetApp’s ranking of these apps, GetRank.