10 Essential iPad Apps for Business

Business is becoming increasingly global. Never before has there been so much pressure on executives, from big corporations to cottage industries, to be mobile. Portable computers have facilitated this until now but the iPad provides the opportunity for easier, less encumbered travel.

Let us look at the apps that could make iPad the businessperson’s ideal travel companion without compromising on the functionality of a laptop.



There is no reason to lose contact with what’s going on in the market when you have an iPad. The Bloomberg app gives the user any amount of relevant market data including News, Equity Indices, Currencies and Commodities to name a few. You also have access to Bloomberg Podcasts.

Price: Free

Developer: Bloomberg Finance LP

Dragon Dictation

Dragon Dictation

Dictating notes to secretaries has become office folklore, yet with Dragon Dictation the iPad can transcribe your speech to text with a remarkable level of accuracy. With its clean interface this app will allow any time-poor executive to get their thoughts on paper with ease.

Price: Free

Developer: Nuance Communications

Pulse RSS

Pulse News

If knowledge is power then anything that facilitates the acquisition of knowledge is useful. Luckily, there is an app for that. Pulse news manages RSS feeds with a list of featured sources as well as the ability to add any RSS feed you want.

This means that you have a personalised news service at your fingertips and no time has to be wasted hopping between websites. Your briefcase can be emptied of that wad of old tatty financial papers.

Price: Free

Developer: Alphonso Labs


Bamboo Paper

Creative ideas require creative solutions and Bamboo Paper allows you to have your own “Google Lab” on the move. You can draw mind maps and diagrams on your tablet on a plain, ruled, or squared background. Sketches can then be saved to the iPad’s photos, emailed as a PDF or printed using a wireless printer.

Price: Free

Developer: Wacom



Why carry a calculator when you can have one integrated in your iPad? Remarkably Apple have not included a calculator as standard, but that has not stopped a number of developers from providing their own versions.

This one by developer 7th Gear offers a basic and scientific calculator with over thirty scientific operations and a section for notes that can be emailed or printed over air-print.

Price: $0.99

Developer: 7th Gear



The key to persuasive text is a flexible and confident use of language, and a dictionary is therefore a good tool for any businessperson. Dictionary.com’s app offers an array of features including a dictionary/thesaurus, non-standard word uses and most impressively full content when offline. Even when on an airplane, there’s no excuse for not using varied and eloquent vocabulary to your advantage.

Price: Free

Developer: Dictionary.com, LLC


Roambi Visualiser

In the world of long drawn-out presentations, a picture really paints a thousand words. Roambi converts corporate information into crisp graphics that are easily interpreted. The app syncs with popular business software and transforms data automatically. The free version is compatible with Microsoft Excel, CSV and HTML.

Price: Free

Developer: MeLLmo Inc



In the economic downturn everyone has had to make cutbacks, and the days of personal assistants calling to confirm your three o’clock meeting whilst reminding you that it’s your ten-year anniversary tomorrow are a thing of the past.

This brings us to Evernote – a productivity app that aims to help you remember everything that is going in your life. You can add everything from notes to videos to your account, all of which is synced to other devices such as smartphones and personal computers. In addition to these features, all text is searchable making it easy to sift through your to-do list.

Price: Free

Developer: Evernote


Printer Pro

Although an iPad will cut down on your paper trail, there will be occasions when you have to print a hard copy of documents, enter Printer Pro. Printer Pro allows you to wirelessly print from your iPad. You can print everything from email attachments to websites to text from the iPad’s clipboard.

Price: $6.99

Developer: Readdle


Quickoffice Pro HD

Finally, just because you are not using your laptop does not mean that you have to say goodbye to Microsoft Office. Quickoffice Pro allows you to create, view, edit and share Word, Excel and PowerPoint Files. This app does not compromise on the features of the full programme with extensive text formatting and file compatibility.

Price: $14.99

Developer: Quickoffice Inc