Eight Amazing 8-Bit Games for the iPad

Although developers continue to stun us with intricately made graphics for their iOS games (and boy, do they look great on the iPad’s Retina Display), it seems as if everyone, both old and young, still have an emotional attachment to ’80s arcadia. Luckily for us, the nostalgic 8-bit art style from this age also translates well to our iPads, and even graces some of our favorite games here at iPad.AppStorm.

In today’s roundup, we’ll be looking at eight different iOS games that bear the beautiful 8-bit graphics we so love, but also provide hours of exciting playtime. Find out which apps made the cut after the break!

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Fix-it Felix Jr.

Fix-it Felix Jr. is the video game pulled straight from Disney’s movie, Wreck-It Ralph, and Disney’s own tribute to ’80s arcadia. As the title character, it is your job to fix the windows that Ralph had destroyed, all the while dodging flying ducks and things he throws at you.

Difficulty racks up as you progress through the game, making each and every level harder to complete than the last. Like all challenging games, however, it is something you will want to return to time after time in order to beat that one last level.

Price: Free
Requires: iOS 4.3 or later
Developer: Disney

League of Evil

A fast-paced platformer, League of Evil is one of my all-time favorite games for the iPad. You will find yourself flipping, wall-hopping and punching your way through levels in order to disband the evil scientists’ “League of Evil.”

League of Evil isn’t the game for the lighthearted: the challenging gameplay will keep you in for hours.

But don’t be fooled by the first couple of levels, as gameplay grows exponentially harder as you progress. However, the apparent difficulty only adds to the enjoyment of the game and makes it worthwhile to return to.

Price: $1.99
Requires: iOS 3.0 or later
Developer: Ravenous Games Inc.

Pastry Panic

Pastry Panic is set in an old pastry factory that is falling apart. In order to help fix it up, the owners have enlisted Dino in order to keep bolts from flying everywhere. It is your job to keep the bolts from rolling down the belts but not without eating lots of pastries on the way.

Packed with three fast-paced game modes, Pastry Panic will provide for hours of entertainment. And in true 8-bit manner, gameplay is simple but addictive.

Price: $0.99
Requires: iOS 4.3 or later
Developer: Underground Pixel

Pocket Planes

In Pocket Planes, it is your job to build up an airline from the beginning. By shipping both goods and people to various airports, you will be able to buy new destinations and aircraft in order to build up your empire.

You’ll soon find out that taking care of an airline is an endless yet addictive task. Once you get into the game, you will find yourself checking it time and time again to see if the new aircraft you want is available or if your huge shipment made it to its destination safely. The best part? You get to have all the fun of owning a business without any of the risk.

Price: Free
Requires: iOS 5.0 or later
Developer: Nimblebit LLC

Radiant HD

Radiant is the perfect game for those of you seeking a Galaga alternative for your iPad. As the commander of the rocket ship, you will have to use your weapons wisely in order to make it safely through the hordes of space invader-esque enemies.

The game comes packed with over 100 levels, including classic boss levels. And if you couldn’t already tell, this bright-colored shooter guarantees hours of good fun.

Price: $0.99
Requires: iOS 5.0 or later
Developer: Hexage.net

Super Mega Worm

Super Mega Worm is the quintessence of ’80s arcadia. Complete with simple controls and the stereotypical arcade game music and sound effects, it’s nearly impossible to deny that the developers were aiming for a very authentic gaming experience.

Throughout the 24-level campaign of this game, you will ironically save the world by wreaking havoc and destruction on its inhabitants. Even though the campaign is rather short, this gory game provides ton of replay value and is one of my favorites from this list.

Price: $1.99
Requires: iOS 4.3 or later
Developer: Deceased Pixel LLC

The Last Rocket

The Last Rocket is a wonderful platformer and puzzler for the iPad. You will use touch gestures to guide Flip, the last rocket, on his journey to collect all of the precious items that had been dispersed after being hit by a solar flare.

Levels in The Last Rocket are thought out well; the game grows ever more difficult as you progress with the introduction of new obstacles. Simply put, it is one of the best crafted apps on the market right now, and it undoubtedly offers tons of enjoyable playtime.

Price: $1.99
Requires: iOS 3.2 or later
Developer: Shaun Inman


If you’re looking for a fast-paced quick-fix game, X-Sk8er is the way to go. In this side-scroller, the goal is to skate as far as you can in the endless city without falling into the void. To do so, you tap to jump; hold to control the length of your jump. The farther you get, the faster you travel.

Along the way, you will have to avoid running into obstacles or you lose control for a second or two. While the game is difficult, controls are simple enough to figure out in seconds. Plus, the fast-paced nature of this game makes it both addictive and great to play when crunched for time.

Grab bananas to gain an extra boost on the way!

Price: Free
Requires: iOS 3.0 or later
Developer: Poppy


Although technology is improving on a daily basis and our iOS devices are becoming more powerful with each iteration, it is still great to go back and cherish the beginnings of gaming. As you can see, many developers are bringing back our beloved 8-bit graphics from old video games and making them a new name in some of our favorite iOS applications. Hopefully we will see many more iOS games sporting this wonderful art style for years to come, even though the way we play them grows increasingly different from the old days.