Eight More Amazing 8-Bit Games for the iPad

A few months ago, we posted a roundup of eight awesome 8-bit iPad games. Now we’re back with eight more awesome 8-bit games for the iPad so you can enjoy even more wonderful, pixel-y goodness. Read more about this new round of retro-inspired games after the break.

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If you’re looking for a classic retro gaming experience, ElectroMaster is the way to go. The app offers all the appeal of an 80s arcade game sans the empty pockets that come as a result of playing for hours after hours.

Simple, challenging gameplay is one of ElectroMaster‘s strong points. New villains and different game modes also allow the game to stay fresh even after playing for hours. It also has a stellar multiplayer mode if you want to play with friends.

Price: Free
Developer: xionchannel

Mage Gauntlet

Mage Gauntlet is a beautiful action role playing game by Rocketcat Games. The app follows a girl named Lexi, the only non-magical girl in a world full of wizards, as she strives to become an apprentice to the great wizard Whitebeard.

Fantastic controls make Mage Gauntlet a pleasure to play; it also has a replay value that many RPGs don’t have. Plus, the game is steadily being updated by the developer, giving you all the more bang for your buck.

Price: $2.99
Developer: Rocketcat Games


This game is truly as simple as black and white. Playing as a block, the only control you’ll have to remember is tap to jump; granted, you’ll do plenty of tapping in order to avoid the obstacles scattered around the screen.

NOPE offers the type of quick, exciting gameplay that can suck you in for hours. Each level only takes a few seconds to complete, which easily allows you to lose track of time because the game’s addictiveness keeps you playing more.

Price: $0.99
Developer: theM Dev

Organ Trail: Director’s Cut

Spoofing the popular game Oregon Trail, Organ Trail: Director’s Cut is truly one of the best developed games in the App Store. You and a group of four friends all travel west in a station wagon, fighting off all the zombies and other hardships, such as disease, on the way there.

This game gives you all of the retro video game feel right from your iPad. Not only do you need to worry about fighting off zombies, but you also need to manage your supplies, your car, and your team. The app’s many facets keep the game both interesting and difficult, all the while offering countless hours of gameplay.

Price: $2.99
Developer: The Men Who Wear Many Hats LLC

Run Run Riot!

Run Run Riot! is a great game if you’re looking for a quick gaming fix. In fact, gameplay is so fast-paced that it can even put you out of breath!

When I first played Run Run Riot!, I was stunned by its difficulty. Now the developers added difficulty adjustments, so you can change the level of difficulty as you please.

In the game, you must dodge bird poop falling from the sky by moving side to side and collecting power-ups. The longer you remain untouched, the higher you score, and the higher you set the bar for next time.

Price: Free
Developer: Glow Play

The Sandbox

Who doesn’t like to build their own world? In The Sandbox, you are able to create your own world complete with whatever you want, using a little bit of alchemy and a little bit of physics.

Creating new elements comes as a result of trial and error, especially as you move further on into the app. Factors such as weather and temperature affect your abilities to make new elements, too, adding another facade of challenge.

Still, there are helpful hints to guide you as you begin to get a grip on the game, so don’t be too intimidated when you first start playing.

Price: Free
Developer: Bulkypix

Tiny Tower

Sure, Tiny Tower has been around for ages, but it is still super fun. The goal is to continuously build an apartment building, complete with its own restaurants, entertainment, and stores, with as many floors as possible. However, it is a game of patience, as you must earn your way to the clouds with hard work.

Perhaps Tiny Tower has only been a keeper this long because of its addictiveness. It is just like a really good novel, but instead of saying “just one more page”, you’ll find yourself saying “just one more level”.

Price: Free
Developer: NimbleBit LLC

1001 Attempts

1001 Attempts is yet another app that dives deep into 80s arcadia, despite the fact that it’s one of the newest apps on the market. Simple run-and-dodge controls are easy to catch onto as you try to collect as many diamonds as possible.

Missiles, lasers, and other weapons are all out to get you in this fast-paced arcade game. You’ve got to think quick, otherwise you’ll realize that: “One small leap for man, one giant leap for manslaughter.”

Price: $0.99
Developer: Everplay


So that concludes this roundup of 8-bit games. This beautiful art style encompasses so many different types of games—from fast-paced arcade style games like ElectroMaster and 1001 Attempts, to games with campaigns like Mage Gauntlet and Organ Trail: Director’s Cut. It truly is great to see that developers today are using 8-bit art in their games in ways that were unthinkable upon the style’s conception. And boy, does it make for some awesome gaming experiences now.

For those who haven’t caught the first edition of this roundup, you can read it here.