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Games are often the very first thing that people download when they fire up their iPad for the first time. Though that may surprise you, it makes complete and total sense to me; however great this new device is for browsing the web and reading, to begin with you just want to play with it!

It’s clear that Apple understands the allure and power of games; they even took to demoing them on stage at the announcement of the new iPad. I’ll admit that I couldn’t wait to try out the dogfighting game they showed, and thoroughly enjoyed my first flight, in spite of the chaos that surrounded me; the peace of the luscious landscapes broken by the roar of thrusters as I pirouetted gracefully into the side of a mountain.

This is a roundup of some of best gaming content on iPad.AppStorm, from casual arcade games that pass the time to games that really make you think, from huge franchise blockbusters to beautiful independant titles, get ready to play with your iPad again!

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50 Amazing iPad Games

Where better to start than our huge roundup of 50 Amazing iPad Games, dive in and explore! While this is by no means a definitive list of games, what a challenge that would be, it’s a great way to get an idea for the kind of games that really intrigue you.

Infinity Blade II is a great pick from this list, a game that’s pretty much designed as a benchmark for games on the iPad. I’d also recommend taking a look at Battleheart, which we reviewed here, David hit the nail on the head when he described it as;

A highly-entertaining casual cartoon-style swords and sorcery game for the iPad.

11 Classic Boardgames for the iPad

It’s always surprised me just how brilliant the iPad is for boardgame fun! This is a great list of some of the classics that are now available for the iPad. I would also add my personal favourite, Scrabble, to the mix – there’s something delightfully extravagant about playing Scrabble using iPhones as tile racks!

Grand Theft Auto III

This is a solid favourite of mine, the expansive gameplay translates beautifully to the iPad. We gave it an excellent 9/10 – read the review and get excited about the possibility of GTA IV…

Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP

A great review of our Game of the Year from Nathaniel Mott, Superbrothers really stretches the definition of art – this would be a key piece of ammunition for the argument that computer games can be art. I love the graphical style and the wonderfully pitched tone of the story, take an hour out of your day and fully immerse yourself.

Swords & Sworcery at its most uplifting.

Contre Jour: Blurring the Line Between Art and Games

Here’s a superb article by Scott that alludes to the very argument I mentioned above. Contre Jour is the game that he reviews, a beautifully artistic game with immersive sound design. Contre Jour is a physics-based game from the publisher of Cut The Rope and Angry Birds, that aims to give the casual gamer something a little bit different.

Contre Jour is more welcoming for casual players, but still makes a statement about the power of computer games.

Perhaps more than the gameplay, experiencing the visual and sonic splendor is, I would argue, the major selling point of Contre Jour.


Minecraft is a game that divides people. Its pixellated graphical style, and almost absurdly open gameplay, tend to cause people to either love or hate it. I would urge you to give it a try.

The free version is perfect for those intrigued enough to explore the vast opportunities…

ShadowGun: A Solid Shooter for the iPad

If you’re looking for an iPad-only franchise that takes first person shooters seriously, look no further than ShadowGun. It’s a clear example of how far the genre has come on touch-screen devices, but also highlights the work there is to be done.

Despite its lack of polish, ShadowGun is fairly popular and can serve as excellent motivation for others to develop excellent games.

ShadowGun is a console-quality shooter for the iPad (and iPhone) that has solid controls and really shows the possibilities for iPad games in the future.

Mage Gauntlet

Mage Gauntlet is another retro-styled title that aims to feed your appetite for questing in the absence of Baldur’s Gate (coming this summer). If you love pixel art you’ll be right at home here, and it offers a great deal of gameplay for the relatively low price!

Casual Games

Here are a few links to some of our favourite casual games over the last couple of months!

Buyer’s Guide: Gaming

If you simply can’t get enough of gaming on the iPad, then this roundup of awesome accessories will be simply perfect! I’m intrigued to see what happens in the accessory space in relation to iPad controllers, I still haven’t played an FPS that feels comfortable – the iPad just isn’t designed for use in that way…

10 iPad Games You Won’t Be Able to Resist

I’ll be honest, I wrote this one. I can’t really sit here and tell you just how awesome it is without sounding like an idiot, so I won’t.

Do read it though…

Immersed in Machinarium...

Your Thoughts

The introduction of the Retina display is already having a huge impact on games for the iPad, I’m more inclined than ever to pick up my iPad and go flying!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this roundup of gaming content on iPad.AppStorm, be sure to weigh in and tell us which games you simply love to play, or which games you would consider in the computer games as art debate!