iPad Game Thursday: New Releases

This new releases in this week’s roundup are a little bit military, a little bit fantasy adventure. But more importantly, they include a game that combines two of my favorite things: Jedis and some very disgruntled fowl. That’s right, the Star Wars edition of Angry Birds has arrived.

Let’s take a look. And of course, may the birds be with you as you take on the Pig Star.

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Storm the Train

This side-scroller provides you with a collection of guns, drones and gadgets that can be expertly utilized and upgraded to complete missions and earn points. As an agent aboard a train overrun with zombies, robots, ninjas and other troublemakers, it’s up to you to rescue hostages and take out as many of the bad guys as possible.

Collect coins and complete missions to unlock new outfits, guns, gadgets and drones. The name of the game here is destruction — the more you render, the more points you earn. And the more points you earn, the more firepower you can can attain with your upgrades.

All that combined with the retro arcade styling and bonus challenges make this game hard to put down.

Price: Free
Developer: Chillingo
Download: iTunes

Angry Birds Star Wars HD

In this rendition of the exceptionally popular game, a faction of rebel birds has struck out from a hidden base to take on the Empire’s evil Pigtroopers. But they need to steal the secret plans to the Empire’s Pig Star, a weapon of devastating destruction, in order to save their race.

Enjoy 80-plus levels of lightsaber-wielding Angry Birds who are determined to crush the Pigtroopers. In addition to the Imperial Pigs, you’ll also have to keep an eye out for laser turrets, Tusken Raider Pigs, and most importantly, Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the Pigs.

Collect stars, unlock R2-D2 and C-3PO bonus levels, call the Mighty Falcon for support, enjoy continuation of the saga in future updates and train as a young Jedi with an in-app purchase that unlocks 40 Dagobah challenge levels with none other than Yoda. Fans of Star Wars and Angry Birds alike won’t want to miss this game.

Price: $2.99
Developer: Rovio Entertainment
Download: iTunes

Chip Chain

The premise of this game is seriously simple, and yet it doesn’t take long for it to become seriously addictive. As you place poker chips on a board, you’ll have to employ some strategy — match three or more identical chips to earn a more valuable chip, and chain together matches for bonus points.

But those are just the basics. As you improve your skills, you’ll learn how to play power-up cards to make combos, extend chains and use the random chips the dealer tosses your way to score some major points.

While you play you’ll earn gems, which you can trade for better chips, more powerful cards and other useful things. Try your hand at the different modes; two are free, and you can earn or buy gems to unlock all four.

Price: Free
Developer: AppAbove Games
Download: iTunes

Skylanders Lost Islands

Build a village on your own island and control more than 35 different and unique citizens. Send them on missions to earn rewards, explore the island and ultimately level up. It’s all about rebuilding the once great lands of the Mabu.

This game supports the Skylanders action figures, so if you’re a longtime fan, you can import the physical action figures into the game to bring them to life. As you reach higher and higher levels you’ll have more opportunities to customize your lands and go on even bigger and better adventures.

The vibrant artwork in Skylands really pops with the HD graphics optimized for the iPad’s retina display — all the better to really bring your Skylanders to life.

Price: Free
Developer: Activision Publishing
Download: iTunes

World at Arms

Save the U.S.A.! The country is being attacked by the KRA, an evil military alliance. To counter the KRA forces, you’ll need to build your own military base, train an army and then send your troops into a battle for freedom.

Fight against, or ally with, players from all over the world in order to defeat your enemies in strategic battles, both on ground and in the air in all sorts of different environments.

Power-ups will provide you with extra force, which you’ll need in order to complete the more than 75 available missions. Plus, don’t forget you’ll have to keep up with your extensive economy, collecting resources, and upgrading buildings and units.

Price: Free
Developer: Gameloft
Download: iTunes

What are You Playing?

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