iPad Game Thursday: New Releases

Happy Thursday again, fellow iPad gamers. This time around we’ve got five very different and popular games to look at, featuring scaling skyscrapers, monkeys chasing (what else?) bananas) and a raccoon who knows how to load a bubble-busting gun.

There’s also a young man determined to race his car up every hill in sight, and a collection of aliens who can’t get enough of the game hangman. Click “more” to take a look at this eclectic bunch.

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Pocket Climber HD

Already unbelievably popular, this game has you guiding your climber up the side of a skyscraper while doing your best to avoid such obstacles as belligerent tenants, household objects (like furniture) and other unusual hazards.

And don’t get accustomed to any patterns, since every time you play a level you’ll be dodging a completely random lineup. Gameplay involves swiping your finger upward to climb and side to side to move out of the way.

Try to collect coins as you go — they could prove helpful should you fancy more advanced equipment (like, say, a rocket) to aid you in your climb.

Price: Free
Developer: PunchBox Studios
Download: iTunes


In this slick game, it’s all about that which monkeys care most — bananas. Explore some lush jungle landscapes in four dozen levels while collecting as many bunches of bananas along the way. You may even find some precious gems which will boost your banana score.

A big part of the fun is the opportunity to play so many different monkey characters, and you unlock four as you play. Easy to learn but hard to master, the game tests your ability to avoid obstacles and time jumps perfectly for the most points.

After you dominate one of the two modes — Totem Trail or Gem Quest — try your hand at the other one to keep things interesting. And for the ultimate challenge, see if you can earn all 150 possible achievement medallions.

Price: $0.99
Developer: Chillingo
Download: iTunes

Bubble Island

This colorful arcade shooting game features a cute and cuddly raccoon who wants to help you in all your bubble-bursting endeavors. Take down as many bubbles as you can in 60 seconds and unlock or trade coins for boosts.

Use the ultra-effective Firemode to gain a huge advantage, plus collect a daily bonus.
You can also log in via Facebook to play against your friends; take them on in weekly tournaments to see who can burst who’s high-score bubble, so to speak.

Additional coins are available as in-app purchases if you want to boost your shooting abilities immediately.

Price: Free
Developer: wooga
Download: iTunes

Hill Climb Racing

Newton Bill is an uphill racer and you’re going to take him all the way to the top. Play varied uphill climbing environments in six different stages. Do tricks like flips in the air for bonuses and collect coins as you climb in order to earn upgrades for your car.

Game controls are simple; you’ve got one pedal for the gas and one for braking. Upgrades include a better engine, suspension, tires, four-wheel-drive and downforce, all of which are necessary improvements for going ever higher and farther.

It’s all to help Newton achieve his ultimate dream — climbing every hill on the moon. Just don’t let him run out of gas.

Price: Free
Developer: Fingersoft
Download: iTunes

Smart Aliens Premium

Smart Aliens is a social game of hangman that goes above and beyond one’s expectations for a game usually played with stick figures and pen and paper.

Play with your Facebook friends to see who can find solve the most words, decode secret messages from Earth, and collect coins to upgrade your alien with super powers and medi-kits.

There’s a free version of Smart Aliens you can try, but with the premium you can unlock exclusive aliens, play with more traps and health kits, and best of all, there are zero ads to put up with. Enjoy both duel and arena modes.

Price: $0.99
Developer: LELEStudio
Download: iTunes

What are You Playing?

Which games are you hooked on right now? Let your fellow gamers and iPad enthusiasts know in the comments section below!