iPad Game Thursday: New Releases

This week highlights some very different, but all very beautiful new games, in which you get to design rollercoasters (and go a little crazy doing so, I might add); play a game that’s a little something like Tetris in reverse; defy gravity in a very unusual black-and-white world; use your spelling prowess to rumble with literary-minded foes; and blow up asteroids and comets to save some super-cute spacemen.

Click through to learn more about them.

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Coaster Crazy

In this game you get to build rollercoasters with a simple swipe of your finger. Then you can edit them, ride them, crash them — the choice is yours. The fun is experimenting with the many possible variations in speed, length and general twisty-turny-ness.

But that’s not even the most unbelievable part. Your passengers are comprised of a crazy cast of characters, including zombies, cheerleaders, pandas, little old ladies, mad scientists, accountants, aliens and other unusual folks.

So design your coaster any way you want, but keep an eye on which design choices will boost your score, because the more cash your rollercoasters make, the more special pieces, coaster cars and tracks you’ll unlock.

Price: Free
Developer: Frontier Developments
Download: iTunes

Dream of Pixels

The first thing you’ll notice about this game is that it’s somewhat reminiscent of Tetris, but the truth is it’s very different and a whole lot more fun. Unlike Tetris, in which you puzzle-piece different blocks together, Dream of Pixels has the player unpacking the pieces, called tetrominos.

Tap on them to watch them spin, rotate and fall away, clearing lines and scoring points. You can’t be careless about it, either, otherwise you’ll end up with a mess of floating blocks that make gameplay more difficult.

Play in any one of five modes — classic, puzzle, pro, nightmare and shattered dream; challenge your friends via Game Center challenges, and enjoy a lively soundtrack to this absolutely beautiful game.

Price: $2.99
Developer: Dawn of Play
Download: iTunes


The developers are offering this game and the entire first world (25 levels) for free as of the time I write this, but even if they’ve now removed the discount, I’ll tell you that Freeze! is worth a look.

This physics-based puzzler has you turning a cell in different directions around the main character, our hero, who has to periodically overcome gravity by “freezing” it in order to escape his current environment.

There are 10 free bonus levels, translating to even more lasers, deadly traps and foes for you to circumvent. (Additional worlds can always be bought at a later date via an in-app purchase.) And be sure to note the soundtrack by Swiss trance DJ Karl Lukas.

Price: Free
Developer: Andreas von Lepel
Download: iTunes

Writer Rumble

Writer Rumble lets you and your friends compete against each other to see who can win a battle of speed spelling. Or, you can take on enemies alone in single player mode. If you can spell, you can join the fun.

Play as one of six different literary legends. Simply use the randomly arranged letters on the board to spell words for points — the more points you score the more damage and special powers are unleashed against your opponent.

Use your skills to increase damage to the other player, to acquire new letters, or to save yourself from defeat. Writer Rumble requires an iPad 2 or newer.

Price: $0.99
Developer: GameFly Games
Download: iTunes

Crumble Zone

The cute characters in Crumble Zone are all about crashing comets, blowing up meteoroids, smashing asteroids and just creating the craziest explosions possible.

The basic premise is that you need to save the planet for as long as possible, against an onslaught of objects intent on turning it to rubble. So break them up by firing missiles at them until they can’t do any damage.

Throughout gameplay you’ll also earn diamonds and other precious gems with your explosions; use these to unlock eight special weapons. Best of all, this is a gorgeous game with levels that are different every time you play.

Price: $0.99
Developer: Cezary Rajkowski
Download: iTunes

What are You Playing?

Which games are you hooked on right now? Let your fellow gamers and iPad enthusiasts know in the comments section below!