iPad Game Thursday: New Releases

Whatever holiday you celebrate in December, or even if you don’t celebrate at all, there’s no denying the festive atmosphere this time of year. And this week’s roundup celebrates games whose developers have released cheery updates in line with the season.

So, if you’re one to get into the holiday spirit, extend those good tidings to your recreational iPad endeavors and play these games right into the new year! Click “more” to see which games have got some holiday spirit.

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Snoopy’s Street Fair

This game has you decorating Charlie Brown’s neighborhood and filling it with various stalls and attractions, plus interact with two dozen other Peanuts characters, such as Sally, Linus and Lucy.

Snoopy, meanwhile, has a closet of costumes to wear, with each one having a different effect on your gameplay — they’ll even unlock mini games that will have you making lemonade, mixing colors and roasting marshmallows.

In the holiday edition of this game, Snoopy traipses around Charlie’s snow-covered neighborhood in his Santa costume, throwing snowballs and ringing holiday bells. Plus, you get to decorate your own tree and and Charlie Brown’s house, as well as enjoy two brand-new levels of play.

Price: Free
Developer: Beeline Interactive Europe Ltd
Download: iTunes

Angry Birds Seasons HD

Everyone’s favorite pig-crushing birds are back, this time with a magical “Winter Wonderham” of activities, including 25 new levels, a new ice element to master and new decorations, such as presents and wreaths, which have been incorporated into each level’s puzzle structures.

Additionally, enjoy a wintry theme, complete with Northern Lights and snowflakes, as the band of birds take on the squadron of swine. Angry Birds includes more than 300 levels, regular free updates, valuable golden eggs to discover and lots of virtual pig-popping action.

The birds themselves may just keep getting angrier and angrier, but they keep making players happier and happier.

Price: $0.99
Developer: Rovio Entertainment Ltd
Download: iTunes

Paradise Cove: Holiday Adventure

A blizzard has all but destroyed the North Pole, threatening the holidays for everyone. Brother-and-sister team Tim and Holly have decided to rebuild the North Pole, plus defeat the Ice Pirate in the process.

In addition to building your village and filling it with merchants selling holiday goods, you’ll also be busy decorating, building your armada and setting sail to find valuable treasures. Along the way you can make friends with the Arctic wildlife, and of course, engage in battle with the Ice Pirates.

The Holiday Adventure version of Paradise Cove features new quests to save the holidays with fun prizes, plus lots of festive merchants and decorations to unlock.

Price: Free
Developer: Pocket Gems
Download: iTunes

DreamWorks Dash n Drop

A tie-in to DreamWorks’ film Rise of the Guardians, Dash n Drop has you sorting out a calamity at the North Pole. Presents have been scattered everywhere and your hep is needed to collect and deliver them to children all around the globe.

Of course, you’ll have to use the Guardians’ magical sleigh to accomplish this feat. And don’t neglect to pick up some elves along the way, as they can offer a lot of help. You’ll also want to keep an eye for coins (a very good thing) as well as flying nightmare creatures (a very bad thing).

Use power-ups like Jack Frost’s enemy freeze, Tooth Fairy’s coin catch and Bunnymund’s boomerang to get the job done, and make the most of coin-filled bonus rounds to really bring in some loot — good for upgrading your skills.

Price: Free
Developer: PikPok
Download: iTunes

Doodle Jump Christmas Special

Fans of the game will love this new installment, and newcomers will find themselves falling in love with our little hero, Doodle, who just keeps doing what he does best: jumping. But this time he’s trying to jump all the way to the North Pole.

Help Doodle navigate his wintry environs, being sure to avoid new creatures, like evil evergreens and snowmen, as well as the chill-breath monster, which could freeze Doodle. As you jump toward the North Pole, keep collecting presents, which contain coins and other surprises.

You also have the option of exchanging coins for five outfits, each with its own special ability. Plus, there’s a resurrecting teapot that can save Doodle if he falls, as well as a special rocket power-up rocket.

Price: $0.99
Developer: Lima Sky
Download: iTunes

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