iPad Game Thursday: New Releases

Welcome to the first iPad games roundup after the world didn’t end on Dec. 21, and the last iPad games roundup of 2012. This week’s apps will have you becoming: a big know-it-all while playing a wickedly fun trivia game; a crime-fighting middle manager who’s ready for life beyond his cube; a respawnable cartoon soldier; monsters Mike and Sulley who are on the run to save Boo; and a team of experts exploring a lost world.

Click “more” to take a look. And have a Happy New Year!

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You Don’t Know Jack

If you fancy yourself to know a little about a lot, then chances are you’ll be gangbusters at this game. Famous for mixing highbrow elements (Shakespeare) with lowbrow elements (farting noises), You Don’t Know Jack is a well-loved quiz show trivia game.

Wacky question types include the DisOrDat; Gibberish Question; Jack Attack; Funky Trash; Cookie’s Fortune Cookie Fortunes with Cookie “Fortune Cookie” Masterson; and Elephant Mustard, Teddy Roosevelt or Dracula?! And the game releases new, topical episodes on a weekly basis. Translation: You’ll never get bored.

Challenge your friends (or enemies … or total strangers even) to some rounds of trivia, and earn special achievements for being a know-it-all, plus unlock funny fake sponsors and commercials.

Price: Free
Developer: Jellyvision Games Inc.
Download: iTunes

Middle Manager of Justice

What paper-pusher hasn’t dreamed of one day breaking free from the confines of his or her cubicle to become an unstoppable, butt-kicking, crime-fighting action hero? Today’s your lucky day, since now you can step into the role of the (drumroll, please) Middle Manager of Justice.

As the game’s tagline says: “Somewhere between good and evil … between order and chaos … between upper management and the senior staff … you’ll find the glue that holds it all together.” You, dear player, are that glue. And as such, it’s your job to keep the branch of the Justice Corp. in line. Train them, manage them and utilize them to put a stop to crime and save your fellow citizens.

Of course, don’t forget to build new facilities and upgrade equipment periodically. It just has to be done to keep things efficient around here, and let’s face it, the senior staff was just going to push the job off on you anyway, right?

Price: Free
Developer: Double Fine Productions Inc.
Download: iTunes


You’ve heard of the Expendables? Well these guys are nothing like that. They’re Respawnables. Which means there is no end to the fun you can have playing this action-packed, third-person shooter game.

Play as an individual or as a team, and choose from offline missions mode or online multiplayer modes. Throughout gameplay enjoy colorful 3-D cartoon-style graphics, smooth controls and lots of bonus content to unlock.

Offline there are more than 100 single missions you can accept, so you can train offline as much as you want to prepare for online battles with your friends. Online, enjoy two modes: Free for All and Team VS. There are also extra rewards that you can earn for playing online that aren’t available offline.

Price: Free
Developer: Zynga
Download: iTunes

Monsters Inc. Run

Everyone’s favorite monsters are back! Mike and Sulley are on a mission to save Boo, and some of their monster friends have come along to help. Play as any one of the four available monster duos as you run and jump through each level on your way to rescue Boo.

There are 48 different levels in three unique worlds, including the city of Monstropolis and the Ice Cave. And if you get into trouble there are more than 20 power-ups (jetpacks, ray guns and more) you can use to save yourself or to call in your monster partner for help.

Maybe the best feature is endless mode, in which you can take on a neverending running adventure, collecting coins and blasting your way through obstacles to improve your high scores.

Price: $0.99
Developer: Disney
Download: iTunes

Explorers of the Lost World

Picture this: You’ve been shipwrecked on a mysterious tropical island and you and your team of explorers — the Professor, the Adventurer, the Doctor and the Big Game Hunter, each with his or her own valuable set of skills — must work your way through the jungle to learn more about the island and uncover tools for survival.

You’ll spend your time gathering resources, negotiating alliances and mastering the skills necessary to establish your settlement and keep it thriving. And the more you explore, the more of the island’s treasures you’re sure to uncover.

You just never know what you’re going to find on this island, so be prepared for it all: the remains of ancient civilizations, fossilized dinosaurs, UFOs and other mysteries.

Price: Free
Developer: Beeline Interactive Europe Ltd.
Download: iTunes

What are You Playing?

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