iPad Game Thursday: New Releases

Get your game face on. Check out five more recently released games sure to make the iPad community get downright competitive — if they haven’t already. Swing knights from cables to collect the royal jewels; bust up asteroids to save your colonies; take a slice out of galaxy life; see if you can outwit a total stranger; and dance, dance, dance — with your fingers, that is.

Let’s play …

Knights of the Round Cable

This game has you testing your hand-eye coordination, plus some on-the-fly physics-related intuition. After hitching a ride on a giant bird, your little dude is dropped into a playing field outfitted with stones, from which cables (ah ha!) swing, and gems, which your knight must capture using the cables.

As the knight soars past a stone, you tap the controls so he’s caught by a cable, which will swing him clockwise or counterclockwise using momentum. Release the control to release the knight at just the right time and you’ll send him sailing toward the next ring of jewels. Ricochet off the ground or the castle walls on either side of the playing field as part of your strategy as well.

Bad guys come in the form of dragons and other menacing creatures, and bonus challenges (such as saving the princess!) add extra fun. Spend the jewels you collect on upgrades, like more hearts for more lives, to enhance gameplay.

Price: $0.99
Developer: Chillingo
Download: iTunes

Galaxy Life: Pocket Adventures

Immerse yourself completely into life in a galaxy far, far away in order to preserve your planet and save your community from the evil invaders. Upgrade your basecamp and its defenses; train your little aliens as marines, workers, looters and other necessary members of your colony; harvest mines and recycle trees for coins and other materials.

You can attack other players in real time, explore the galaxy and look for new planets to colonize, and communicate with other gamers in-app. There is always something to do in Galaxy Life, which means you never get bored!

Honestly, this game gets more and more addicting as your missions evolve and become further complicated, and I had a hard time putting it down, especially since there are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of other players who are just as hooked and ready to play with you at a moment’s notice.

Price: Free
Developer: Digital Chocolate
Download: iTunes


This arcade game takes you into outer space, where you and your Arklight X-52 are tasked with destroying asteroids and fighting off Krainian enemies. You can enjoy the 3-D adventure in three different modes: arcade, missions or survival. (Note that an in-app purchase is necessary to unlock the missions and survival modes.)

The game features dual stick controls (which are configurable, in case that’s how you roll). I found they took a little bit of getting used to, but past that it wasn’t long before they started feeling like second nature, especially since the gameplay was so perfectly responsive to the controls.

Bottom line is, if you like games in which you fight aliens and leave a path of destruction in your wake, I think you’re gonna like this one. And with arcade mode available for free, you don’t have a reason not to try it out.

Price: Free
Developer: Clockwork Pixels
Download: iTunes


This multiplayer, turn-based game takes a little time to learn the ropes, let alone get good at it, but isn’t that always where the fun lies? While the rules and strategies are somewhat reminiscent of chess, your grand-daddy’s game this is not.

The goal is to reach and destroy your enemy’s base by taking one turn at a time. Each turn allows you five wits, aka moves, which can be used to advance your minions on the board or to attack the other player’s cast of characters. Different characters are good at different things, and have different weaknesses, so it’s a good idea to employ some strategy.

You can pass your iPad back and forth with a friend to play, or let the app match you with another player in the Outwitters community, either randomly or in your same skill bracket. If you love strategy games, you’ll love this one.

Price: Free
Developer: One Man Left
Download: iTunes


The latest game in the finger “dancing” craze, DancePad will have you tapping your fingers in rhythm to the tunes of contemporary, if not eclectic, tunes. After a quick tutorial to start, you’re on your own for the rest of the 20 levels included in the free app.

As you get better, you’ll unlock new dances and new music, and an in-app purchase will make 100 total levels available. You can even post your best scores to Twitter and Facebook — if you and your friends are the competitive type, that is.

To inspire you and get you in the finger-dancing mood, be sure to check out the finger dance videos on the Moon Shark website.

Price: Free
Developer: Moon Shark
Download: iTunes

What Are You Playing?

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