iPad Game Thursday: New Releases

How would you rather spend your weekend — saving New York City with the Ghostbusters; outrunning a banana avalanche with Banana Kong; tending a flock of Tiny Sheep; discovering whether you or a certain celebrity has a  higher Braindex; or going on a Wave Trip in a world in which every object had musical properties?

Well who says you have to decide on just one, right? Click through to learn more and see what you want to try first!

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You already suspect you’re smarter than most celebs, don’t you? Here’s your chance to prove it. Braindex is like an app game show in which you get to compete against celebrities and other contestants to see who knows the most trivia.

Answer the same question being posed to the celebrity you’re watching, and guess what, if you know the answer you don’t have to yell it at the screen — you can submit your answer to the game in real time, as the action is unfolding.

Challenge your friends (or frenemies) to see which one of you knows more pop culture. Who will earn the most Brain Cells — and bragging rights — for being the biggest brainiac? You’ll have to play to find out.

Price: Free
Developer: TouchFrame
Download: iTunes


You should be familiar with the scenario. Some ghosts have invaded New York City and it’s up to the Ghostbusters to get every last one off the island. Build your crack team of Ghostbusters and flush spooky characters out of the boroughs.

You’ll also have to take a break from playing hero every once in a while to tend to the business side of things, of course. Answer ghostbusting calls, research tactics and upgrade equipment as necessary.

Earn money and slime each time you capture a ghost; battle floor bosses; hire new Ghostbusters; run experiments; purchase permits to explore more of the city; complete missions; and more. A Ghostbuster’s work is never done.

Price: Free
Developer: Beeline Interactive
Download: iTunes

Banana Kong

As the gorilla Banana Kong, you’ll swing from vine to vine across the jungle’s ceiling of treetops to evade dangerous obstacles, such as boulders, crocodiles, piranhas and lava.

At the same time, collect as many bananas as you can to keep your energy bar as full as possible while you’re zipping around in this endless runner.

Learn to use your skills wisely: Run, jump, bounce, swing or use a power dash. Take alternative routes, ride the boar or fly with the toucan. A level never generates the same way twice, so stay on your toes!

Price: $0.99
Developer: FDG Entertainment
Download: iTunes

Tiny Sheep

Here’s a pretty basic game with a simple premise: take care of a flock of sheep. And while I can’t necessarily describe the game as exciting or challenging, the sheep are pretty cute, and the game does allow for some Zen time.

Shave wool from your sheep and sell it to make money, then use those funds to improve your sheep farm. Erect useful buildings, water the grass, buy supplies from the store in town, and buy more sheep to add to your flock.

This is a great game choice when you just need a few minutes of quiet time. Or better yet, pass it off to your kid, who will likely love the cute and cuddly looking sheep.

Price: Free
Developer: SiuYiu Limited
Download: iTunes

Wave Trip

Presenting a spin on your typical arcade entertainment, Wave Trip is a musical arcade game in which you control a geometric astronaut traveling through strange and unique worlds that are both beautiful and dangerous.

Every object in Wave Trip has musical characteristics, and as your little astronaut continues on her ventures, she’ll have to save her friends utilizing her heroic, and melodic, skills.

But there’s even more of a twist to Wave Trip: All of the levels can be remixed and edited and you can create your own levels and share them with other players. Then again, are you creating a level, or writing a piece of music? Discover for yourself.

Price: $1.99
Developer: Lucky Frame
Download: iTunes

What Are You Playing?

Which games are you hooked on right now? Let your fellow gamers and iPad enthusiasts know in the comments section below!