iPad Game Thursday: New Releases

This week’s group includes a game about words, a game about monsters and even a game called Word Monster. How’s that for synchronicity? Challenge your verbose friends (or frenemies) to a round of Word Crack, which will have you both trying to uncover as many words as possible in two minutes. Then, serve up some stellar maki rolls to your adorable monster in Sushi Mushi. And finally, take on the monster of all word puzzles in Word Monster.

Of course, this week we also celebrate the reincarnation of the movie tie-in app The Hunger Games Adventures, which has been infused with tons of new updates and content related to The Hunger Games: Catching Fire — the second installment of the book-turned-film trilogy that’s to be released later this year.

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The Hunger Games Adventures

While we have to wait until later this year to celebrate the release of the second film in the Hunger Games trilogy, fortunately, the wait for the much-anticipated second installment of the official iOS tie-in, The Hunger Games Adventures, is over.

The previous version of the game saw Katniss exploring District 12 and the other Districts. The new and very ambitious update includes more than 100 new quests, the unveiling of an official Panem map, access to District 4, a sneak peek at District 1 and most important — improved graphics.

Interact with Peeta, Gale, Cinna (who can style your character from hundreds of outfits, of course) and others, prepare the tributes for the Hunger Games, and unlock the secrets of Panem as you help Katniss survive every adventure.

Price: Free
Developer: Funtactix
Download: iTunes

Dragon Storm

Love multiplayer strategy games? If so, you’ll want to download Dragon Storm today. In the game you’ll build and grow a kingdom, raise an army, complete story campaigns and quests, and forge alliances with other players.

At the heart of the game is its storyline: The evil dragon god Shadowclaw and his arm of dark dragons are casting doom and gloom over the land of the mortals. But fortunately, the mortals have their own army of good dragons on their side. And you, as the chosen protector of the dragon eggs and a knight of the Goddess of the mortals, must protect your people and defeat Shadowclaw.

Grow your kingdom online and strategize in real time in battle with other players, build alliances with other dragon lords and see who will ultimately dominate on the leaderboards.

Price: Free
Developer: Griptonite
Download: iTunes

Word Crack

Fans of Ruzzle, Words With Friends and other word games you can play back and forth with friends. Challenge your pal to see who can find the most words in two minutes.

Gameplay is simple: Just find a word and capture it by dragging your finger across the letters on the gameboard — upward, downward, backward or diagonally. Plus, use special tiles on the board to up your score even more. There are three rounds in every game; every round is two minutes; and the player with the highest score after all three rounds wins.

You can play with your Facebook friends or opt to take on a randomly selected opponent. And play as much as you want, since you can be involved in an unlimited number of simultaneous games.

Price: $2.99
Developer: Etermax
Download: iTunes

Sushi Mushi

Monsters plus sushi equals fun. So you have a monster, and this monster requires copious amounts of sushi, which means you’ve got to perfect the science of creating sushi rolls by matching colors and shapes as quickly as possible.

The longer the sushi roll, the more points you receive. If you’re able to gather more sushi rolls for your monster than your opponent before the timer runs out, then you win. But keep an eye out for any surprises or takeout boxes that might pop up on the gameboard, as these can affect the outcome of your game — for better, or for worse.

If you want to challenge yourself beyond the game’s necessary quick-thinking, then employ some strategy and master the use of power-ups, which can give you a big advantage over your opponent.

Price: Free
Developer: Aspyr Media
Download: iTunes

Word Monster

The previous two games in this roundup featured words and monsters, respectively, but this game rolls all the fun into one. Word monster is a puzzle game involving clues and a letter grid where you’ll search for the answers.

Marking a correct answer on the grid deletes those letters, and when all the letters have disappeared, you know you’ve solved the puzzle. It’s that easy, but it’s still sometimes oh so hard. Puzzles are grouped into sets, and solving all the puzzles in a set unlocks the Monster Puzzle, which definitely lives up to its name.

Monster Puzzles are tough, but solving one captures a monster, so don’t give up! The game comes loaded with 40 puzzles and a Monster Puzzle, but many more puzzles are available as in-app purchases.

Price: Free
Developer: OtherWise Games
Download: iTunes

What Are You Playing?

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