iPad Game Thursday: New Releases

Question: What do building-block fortresses, the great and powerful Oz, Greek gods, mini ninjas and rolling boulders have in common? The answer: Nothing! Except that they’re all in this week’s roundup of iPad games.

Until someone creates a game that involves all five of those things, you can take them on one at a time with the following. Click “more” to get started.

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Block Fortress

In this building-block world you get to design your own fortress and then defend it from the evil Goblocks for as long as you can — hopefully to the very end.

Your fortress can take on whatever shape you want. Customize its look with more than 30 different building blocks and more than a dozen turret types, which not only make your fortress look cool, but also help you defend your base. You can also customize your own weapons and equipment.

To keep things interesting there are half a dozen different types of terrain; a fast-paced survival mode; a free-build sandbox mode, where you can let your creativity flow; and a day and night cycle, which will require you to build spotlights so you can see your enemies in the dark!

Price: $1.99
Developer: Foursaken Media
Download: iTunes

Temple Run: Oz

This well-timed release from Disney and Imangi Studios pairs the very popular endless runner game with elements of the film Oz the Great and Powerful. You get to play as Oz, who is on the run from flying baboons. Run, jump and slide your way through vivid, dynamic landscapes inspired by the movie.

New in the latest version are even more Oz locations, plus a bonus features that includes the opportunity to fly in a hot air balloon above the Emerald City, and weekly challenges.

This incarnation of Temple Run is the best yet. With the colorful illustrations, imaginative scenery and environments that change as you play, it’s both challenging and easy on the eyes. Temple Run: Oz operates best on iOS 6.

Price: $0.99
Developer: Disney
Download: iTunes

Fury of the Gods

Here’s your chance to be a Greek god. Play as one of three different deities: Zeus, who can command the power of lightning; Poseidon, who can manipulate the seas; and Hades, who controls the flames of the underworld.

At a simple tap of your finger, your wrath will come down upon your unruly subjects, who have rebelled by tearing down your temples and turning their backs on your powers. You can even unleash mythological creatures on your people to drag them into the underworld.

Enjoy 360-degree, 3-D environments; three different campaigns featuring Greek gods and monsters; simple controls; and epic displays of power. There’s never been a better time to be a Greek god.

Price: $0.99
Developer: Chillingo
Download: iTunes

Mini Ninjas

The only thing stealthier than a ninja is…a mini ninja! Hiro and his tiny warrior friends have tasked themselves with retrieving a certain stolen objection from a certain unsavory dragon. As Hiro, Futo, Suzume or Kunoichi, run and jump your way through the game’s different lands, outmaneuvering members of the evil samurai warlord’s magical army and flying samurai monks.

While on your quest you can raise your Kuji energy by doing admirable deeds: free trapped animals, destroy obstacles and take down samurai warriors. With your Kuji energy you can create special spells to execute new attacks and acquire power-ups.

Each of the mini ninjas has unique abilities, including the power to attract collectibles with a magic flute, perform jump attacks, destroy rocks with a hammer, and more.

Price: $0.99
Developer: Square Enix
Download: iTunes

Roll: Boulder Smash

There are things to be smashed, and this game has just the boulders for the job! Lay waste to aliens, vikings, cowboys, yetis, zombies and other foes in this simple yet incredibly satisfying game.

Enjoy three different environments for gameplay, each with its own characters and challenges. Send that boulder rolling and watch the destruction unfold as it creates chaos and flattens everything in its path.

Explore nine different story levels and 60 challenge levels, and complete more than 70 achievements. Roll: Boulder Smash requires iOS 5.1 or higher.

Price: $0.99
Developer: All Things Media
Download: iTunes

What Are You Playing?

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