iPad Game Thursday: New Releases

Today’s roundup has a flavor of game for every player. Whether you’re a fan of side-scrollers packed with action and adventure, fast-paced endless runners, or pixel-perfect games that pack plenty of retro personality, we’ve got a game for you this week.

Or maybe you’re a sports fanatic who wants to see what it’s like to manage one of your favorite pro teams? Or maybe, just maybe, all you want is a darn good puzzle to put your logic and reasoning skills to the test. Click “more” to discover all of the above.

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With a somewhat cinematic look and feel to it, Badland is an indie side-scrolling action and adventure game with some fuzzy main characters. Your goal is to successfully guide one of these forest dwellers through the traps and other obstacles that lie in wait among the trees.

Experience more than 40 unique levels featuring colorful backdrops and intriguing silhouettes. Play alone, or with friends, since multiplayer mode is supported for up to four players playing on the same device in 12 levels.

A universal app with no IAP, Badland allows the player to experience the game fully, with it optimized to all of his or her iOS devices. Plus, with iCloud support, the game’s progress is synced among all of them.

Price: $3.99
Developer: Frogmind
Download: iTunes


Oh sure, Slayin may seem cute at first, with its throwback graphics and chiptune soundtrack, but there is danger to be found! Choose to play the knight, the wizard or the knave, and then slay as many monsters as possible in this endless RPG.

The more creatures and bosses you slay, the higher you’ll level up and the more powerful equipment, loot and spells you’ll acquire. But be careful, because once you die, you’re out of the game for good.

There are three game modes, more than 100 quests to challenge your skills, and dozens of foes, including the most terrible of them all — the giant dragon. Will you defeat him? Will you take his treasure? Start Slayin!

Price: $0.99
Developer: FDG Entertainment
Download: iTunes

Feast or Famine

Travel back in time with Feast or Famine, a game set in an era when people faced some serious challenges, including running down one’s food. Take Glyph, for example. A poor stick figure with village to provide for, Glyph spends the majority of his time chasing down bison — through open fields, between trees and over cliffs and waterfalls.

Your weapons of choice include rocks, boomerangs, spears and others, and you’ll have to perfect the aiming mode to land some pretty spectacular shots. Unlock special powers and secret levels, all at a nonstop pace as you make snap decisions and put your reflexes to the test.

Don’t forget to take in the scenery as you run by — the animated graphics and environments are truly unique, as they were inspired by the artistic style of cave paintings.

Price: $0.99
Developer: X4 Games
Download: iTunes

iOOTP Baseball 2013

Here’s an app that puts you in charge of your favorite baseball team and the 2013 incarnation boasts a slew of new features, including a redesigned interface, real 2013 rosters (every MLB player is available, along with the top 20 minor league prospects for each team) and player ratings based on PECOTA by Baseball Prospectus.

Plus, play-by-play commentary, roster and contract negotiation AI, trading AI, and realistic player creation have all been improved. Enjoy three gameplay modes: Major Leagues (pick a team and play out the 2013 season), Fictional (let the app create a fictional baseball world for you to build a dynasty from scratch) and Historical Replay (select a past season — 1901, 1902 or 2009 — and see if you can produce a different outcome; additional years in history are available via in-app purchase).

This is your chance to be general manager. Negotiate contracts, sign free agents, coordinate trades, draft amateurs, promote players from the minors, and of course, enjoy all the play-by-play action in the games!

Price: $4.99
Developer: Out of the Park Developments
Download: iTunes


ON/OFF is a game you love to hate. Simultaneously completely frustrating, exceptionally challenging and totally addicting, it’s impossible to put down.

Your goal is to align colored blocks in such a way as to turn on switches. And while it sounds exceedingly simple, I can assure you, it is not. Blocks can’t be moved every which way, only left and right, up and down. And when you move one block, it affects the others, so make each move very wisely.

Everything about the game is minimalistic (which adds both to the appeal and to the player’s frustration, no doubt) — the sound effects aren’t overbearing, the color palette is pleasing, and the white background allows “room” for the mind to think. I hope you like a good challenge, because you’re going to be stuck on this one for a while.

Price: Free
Developer: Thomas Castel
Download: iTunes

What Are You Playing?

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