iPad Game Thursday: New Releases

This week’s games have you becoming a total master: of matching games, of stunt bike riding, of a choo-choo train of rogues, of animales de la muerte (animals of death) and of an interstellar civilization.

That’s a lot to master! Hop to it by clicking “more.”

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Eclipse: New Dawn for the Galaxy

Maybe you’ve dreamed of commanding your own starship, but this game will have you thinking even bigger. Here, you’re in charge of an expansive interstellar civilization and everything that goes along with it.

Make treaties with alliances, wage war upon your foes, explore new star systems, research technologies and build better and faster spaceships, all for the sake of becoming master of the universe.

This is the strategy board game you know and love, but it’s been amped-up for iOS. The developers went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure the technology enhances, rather than detracts from the gameplay. Enjoy encounters with seven different species (each with its own strengths and weaknesses), three AI difficulty levels, an in-game tutorial and manual, customizable star systems and ship designs and more.

Price: $6.99
Developer: Big Daddy’s Creations
Download: iTunes

Mind Blitz

Mind Blitz is a matching game that’s been kicked up a few notches. Featuring a clean and cheery aesthetic, it raises the stakes with power-ups and penalty cards. Navigate both of those gracefully and you’ll start crossing off achievements, racking up high scores and acquiring new and more beneficial power-up cards to help you in the higher levels.

For example, there’s the “Wiggle” power-up card, which briefly wiggles the matching card on the gameboard. On the other hand, beware penalty cards that can reshuffle or completely reset the game.

Unlike in traditional matching games, in Mind Blitz you score points not only for matching pairs, but also for matching multiple pairs in a row and other combinations. Plus, card colors and icons are completely randomized for each level, making for nonstop challenging fun.

Price: $0.99
Developer: Reuben’s Apps
Download: iTunes

Stick Stunt Biker 2

Here we have the sequel to Stick Stunt Biker, and that means you can look forward to even more tracks, environments, obstacles and, of course, stunts. Choose your bike, or unlock new ones, like the chopper, speed bike, police bike or hovering “future” bike.

Master everything from wheelies to flips in order to avoid hazards like carnivorous plants, oil barrels, glass and more while racing against your friends in real time. Score achievements for pulling off special stunts and enjoy realistic physics that make for incredible crashes. You also have the ability to race against your ghost, share your gameplay videos with others and compete globally.

Choose from button or tilt controls, whichever you like best. There are more than 50 tracks — challenge yourself to earn up to three stars on each one. In-app purchases are purely optional, and players can unlock everything in the game just by “sticking” with it.

Price: $0.99
Developer: Robert Szeleney
Download: iTunes

Storm the Train

This sidescroller from Chillingo has you sending three little agents onto a train that has been overtaken with zombies, vampires, robots, ninjas and other demons. Meet Graham (the soldier), Carrera (the medic) and Mason (the heavy).

But don’t worry — they’re not going in empty-handed. No, they’ve got a full arsenal of guns, drones, bombs, jetpacks and other gadgets, and are prepared to do some damage. Weapons can be upgraded, and as you complete mission objectives you’ll also acquire new outfits and other perks.

All it takes to switch from one agent to the next is a swipe of your finger. Use each of their abilities to the best advantage to successfully rescue hostages and take down baddies.

Price: Free
Developer: Chillingo
Download: iTunes

Zoombies: Animales de la Muerte!

How do you say “catastrophe” en espanol? Don Eduardo in “Little Mexico” has a Big Problem — many of the animals in his zoo have come down with a case of the Undeath, effectively turning them into Zoombies!

Help main characters Marco and Maria put an end to this Zoombie-pocalypse using whatever means necessary — Aztec hatchets, roman candles, a chupacabra (yes, a chupacabra) and evil crows. Simply trace a path on the screen and watch your weapon hurtle toward the Zoombie target, but you’ll have to master the timing and precision to become efficient.

Collect gold pesos as you progress to get new “weapons” and complete Sugar Skull Missions to save the animals as you play the nearly four dozen different levels.

Price: $2.99
Developer: High Voltage Software
Download: iTunes

What Are You Playing?

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