iPad Game Thursday: New Releases

Ranging from the super-serious to the super-ridiculous, this week’s installment of games has you going from battle zones in World War II to a battle zone of a whole different kind — Hollywood.

Somewhere in between, you’ll also have to get into the groove while tearing around a race track, help Mickey Mouse collect as much water as possible, and run a call center. Oh believe it. Click “more” to check it all out.

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1941 Frozen Front

It’s 1941 and it’s time to choose sides. Will you defend your country as a Soviet, or will you fight on the side of the Germans as they march against the Eastern front?

It’s up to you to take charge — make sure your troops have what they need in the way of supplies and ammunition, plus use your tanks, infantry and bombers to eliminate your enemies. Complete missions that involve taking out enemies’ headquarters, guarding rough terrain with artillery, and seeing how long you can stand your ground even in the face of being completely overrun.

You can also challenge yourself by completing repairs, ramping up fortification in between battles, and adding camouflage to your units. The hex grid enables easy overview of all the action so you don’t waste any time away from battles.

Price: Free
Developer: HandyGames
Download: iTunes

1941 Frozen Front


Groove Racer

Groove Racer puts all the attention on the best part of this type of game — the racing! Choose from 10 different cars, then try to maintain control of it on the more than five dozen tracks.

The colors are bright and engaging, the controls are easy to learn, the soundtrack is groovy (of course it is), and the variety of race tracks keeps things interesting. If you’re the kind of player who wants to master every track with every car, you’ll find hours and hours of available entertainment here.

Keep your eyes out for more cars and more tracks in the future. In the meantime, get busy racing the clock and see how many gold trophies you can earn.

Price: Free
Developer: Out Fit 7
Download: iTunes

Groove Racer


Smooth Operators

This game is simply habit-forming. Yet another great example of a game in which we turn something that should be monotonous into something completely crazy-fun, Smooth Operators has you taking control of a call center company to see if you can turn it into a commercial success. No joke.

But the ins and outs really are — somehow — wildly addicting, as you’ll find you can’t drag yourself away from hiring employees, customizing your buildings, adding accessories and offices, and well, growing your company just like any other good CEO.

Take care of employees by making sure their work hours are arranged and their vacations have been approved by the human resources department, and hire project managers to discover new technology and unlock your employees’ true potential. Sounds super-boring, I know, but as it turns out, it’s actually super-cool.

Price: $2.99
Developer: Bulkypix
Download: iTunes

Smooth Operators


Stardom: Hollywood

Stardom: Hollywood is taking you to Vegas, baby! In this game, all the spotlights are on you as you take on the role of aspiring actor. Create your own persona by styling your look from hundreds of different options.

Then work your way through these interactive adventures, navigating a world of shady agents, shallow celebrities and pesky paparazzi. Star in movies, earn good (or bad) reviews, win awards and crash parties.

With the new Las Vegas update come new quests, projects and storylines, plus new clothing options (hint: something white, in case your character heads to the little chapel), slots and roulette games, and more.

Price: Free
Developer: Glu Games
Download: iTunes

Stardom Hollywood


Where’s My Mickey? XL

Everyone’s favorite mouse has plenty of new adventures in store for players. In this charming romp of a game you can watch Mickey and his friends in five original and amusing episodes, help solve water-related puzzles and aid the characters in completing every story.

This game isn’t just for little kids. Adults will get a kick out of it, too. The episodes are witty and entertaining, the gameplay is physics-based, and the environments and graphics are interesting and widely varied.

Play the 20 extra-large (ahem, XL) extra levels (XL again — get it?) that were designed exclusively for the iPad. And as you enjoy each adventure, don’t forget to look for hidden collectibles to help Pluto unlock more bonus content.

Price: $1.99
Developer: Disney
Download: iTunes

Wheres My Mickey XL

What Are You Playing?

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