iPad Game Thursday: New Releases

This week you can command a special operations force, or shoot down enemies as a Cold War fighter pilot. Looking for something a little lighter? Try flying an aircraft through the futuristic and treacherous 3-D world of Sine Mora instead, dodging neon bullets and battling diesel-punk bosses.

If it’s entertainment you want, check out the amusing — and explosive! — Kamikaze Pigs, or the humorous and cartoonish Zombies Ate My Friends. Click through to take your pick.

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Breach & Clear

Take command of a special operations force. Select your squad from various military groups from all over the world, then train hard to learn different skills, abilities and tactics.

As you plan and execute missions, you’ll also be leveling up your characters, increasing not only their skills but the efficiency and power of your whole group. Experiment with thousands of gun combinations, different tactics, customizable armor and inventory, gear and more.

In addition to all the fun to be had with customizing your units, the strategy aspects of the game are also engaging. Challenge yourself by planning every step of every mission: team division, entrance point(s), routes, fields of fire and more.

Price: $1.99
Developer: Gun.
Download: iTunes

Breach and Clear


Kamikaze Pigs

These oinkers are going whole hog! Experience more than 40 levels and five different battlefields in this game that involves launching explosive attack pigs toward enemy troops by lifting a single finger.

Tap to aim those little piggies, then release your finger to send them flying. The more you achieve, the better the weapons available to your pigs, the greater the destruction they can deliver to the enemies.

Play against friends via Facebook in survival mode, or work toward nailing every last combo attack and earning six star ratings across the board. There are more than 30 upgrades available and three dozen different achievements to unlock.

Price: $0.99
Developer: Chillingo
Download: iTunes

Kamikaze Pigs


Sine Mora

You’ll be dazzled by the mysterious and beautiful worlds in this horizontal shooter game. Fly your futuristic aircraft over and around various obstacles while dodging sprays of bullets in a race against time.

Time is everything in Sine Mora. Unlike other games in which an energy-related status bar communicates your character’s viability, a countdown timer is instead prominently displayed. Seconds are deducted when you take hits, but added when you kill enemies. See how long you can extend the countdown as you fight to survive.

Amid the fast-paced action, enjoy 3-D graphics, complex boss battles, story and arcade modes, more than 50 different weapon combinations, and an epic original soundtrack.

Price: $5.99
Developer: Digital Reality Software Kft
Download: iTunes

Sine Mora


Sky Gamblers: Cold War

The Sky Gamblers are back, this time in the Cold War chapter of the game. The range of single-player and multiplayer modes has been expanded this time around, offering even more post-campaign content, including Dogfight Missions, Defend the Base, Survival, Free for All, Team Deathmatch, Free Flight and Game Center Duels.

If it’s frenzied action you crave, you can play at full throttle, controlling your aircraft and blasting away enemies simultaneously. On the other hand, if you’d rather just focus on the fighting, you can set your fighter to autopilot and spend more energy on firing weapons and issuing commands.

Try taking off and landing in more than 12 different aircraft, as well as flying over fully recreated cities. You’ll marvel at the realistic-looking skies, clouds, sun glare, dawn and twilight transitions, and of course, all the wonderful details the artists have included on the planes and in their cockpits.

Price: $4.99
Developer: Atypical Games
Download: iTunes

Sky Gamblers Cold War


Zombies Ate My Friends

Your small town of Festerville has been overtaken by zombies. Fortunately, you’re a survivor, but things aren’t going to stay that way unless you keep up with defending your safe house and collecting supplies and gear.

Explore the town, gather resources, and secure high-grade zombie-killing weaponry if you want to remain safe. Visit places like Festerville’s restaurants, apartments, police stations, and retail stores to see if you can find anything that might be of use to you, such as weapons, clothing, equipment and food.

Have fun with the oddball graphics and seemingly endless ways to customize your characters. You can also help save other residents on quests, and it’s guaranteed you’ll have the opportunity to make some friends along the way — just make sure they’re aren’t already dead.

Price: Free
Developer: Glu Games
Download: iTunes

Zombies Ate My Friends

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