100+ Spectacular iPad Wallpapers

We all love to beautify our devices, and one of the simplest ways to do this is by loading it up with some gorgeous wallpapers. If you’re looking for iPad wallpaper delights, then this is the roundup you’ve been waiting for!

I’ve noticed that most people use different images for the Lock Screen and the Home Screen, something I certainly do myself. It’s down to personal taste, but most people want something outstanding and striking for their Lock Screen, and something more abstract and simple for the Home Screen – you don’t want it to look a mess!

Here is a massive roundup of some awesome wallpapers, divided into striking and fascinating images for your Lock Screen, and more abstract and textured images for your Home Screen.

Let’s dive right in!

Lock Screen Wallpapers

Here is an extensive, and pretty, selection of Lock Screen wallpapers that are bound to suit almost every taste and preference! Gaze at the superb photography, marvel at the colours and composition, take in the scene, and snap up a new background…

Simply click through to download your favourite wallpaper images!

Mike Chen

Dave Wilson

Mike Behnken

Timothy K Hamilton

Trey Ratcliff

Luc B

Steve Jurvetson


Joshua Davis

David Tomic

Chaval Brasil

Brian Hathcock

Evan Leeson

Gianni Dominici

Steve Jurvetson


Trey Ratcliff

Tony Armstrong

Martin Sojka

Dene' Miles

Thomas Hawk


Craig Hodgson



Rohit Mattoo

Joel Bankhead


Anirudh Koul

Juan José Aza

Lambert Wolterbeek Muller

Daniel Zedda

Daniela Hartmann

Davidlohr Bueso

Thomas Hawk

Mike Behnken

Andreas Wonisch

Thomas Hawk

Marc Soller


Tambako the Jaguar

Paulo Brandao

Marc Soller

Paul Moody



Patrik Jones

Joel Bankhead


Trey Ratcliff

Home Screen Wallpapers

Obviously all of the above wallpapers would look amazing as a Home Screen background, but their intricacies and details might get muddled by all of your app icons. If you’re like me then you prefer a more abstract, possibly minimal, background for your Home Screen that works more like a texture – giving your Home Screen individuality without getting in the way!

Below you’ll find an extensive collection of wallpapers just like that – let’s leap into the fray!

Zen Garden

3D Apple Logo

Black Grated Metal

Pure Drops

Barn Door


Black Hex

Grunge Apple Logo

Surface Tension

Wood Texture

Bull Nebula

Time and Tide



Filthy Concrete

Blue Light Burst

Time You Enjoy

Prolost Door




Rick Payette



But I...


The Solutionist

Abstract Fabric Swirls

Abstract Lights

Crystal Wallpaper



Apples 2 Apples

Chinese Moon


Stream of Light

Brown Leather

Teal Pixels

Desert Vector

Blue Stripes

Vintage Dots

Vector Apple Logo

Hidden Elephant

Apple Splatters


Rendered Blue Cubes

Coming Strong

Retro Apple Logo

Space Dust


The End.

So there you have it! An almost innumerable selection of wallpapers for your beloved iPad. If you found everything you were looking for, or just enjoyed the ride, then be sure to share it with your family, friends, coworkers, lodgers, postmen, barbers…

If you have any particular wallpaper favourites then by all means post a link to them below and share the love!

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