iPad Social Media Management Apps To Get Your Message Across

Social media marketing is an essential part of making sure your business gets its message across effectively and that customers’ concerns are dealt with. Covering the many different social media outlets available though can really stretch your resources but there are lots of social media marketing applications to help you keep on top of things.

Mobile devices make it easier than ever to market your business and respond to customer demands and requests on the move 24/7. That’s why we’ve looked at the some top social media apps for iPad which can automate effective social media marketing tasks.

These cloud-based social media marketing tools, will help keep track of what, where, and how your brand is being talked about online. They’ll also ensure that you’re able to keep abreast of interactions with customers and clients to effectively market your business.

Here are 5 top social media marketing apps for iPad to make sure you’re always on top of your social media presence.

Zoho Social

Zoho Social excels at real-time monitoring of social media and provides actionable insights to create better content and create a better social media presence. With it you can create, schedule and publish better content across social media networks from wherever you are. You can reach out to your audience at the right time with the smart schedule feature which makes sure you don’t get forgotten in the social media deluge.

You can also work on your content offline and your drafts will automatically sync once you are online. With hashtag listening and analytics reports, Zoho Social puts more social media marketing power in your hands.

Pricing: From $10 per month.


Zoho Social

Publish by Falcon Social

Publish by Falcon Social is the iPad app for Falcon Social. Falcon Social is a powerful integrated social media marketing tool which manages Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, and Instagram accounts via one interface. Falcon Social allows you to check and post on multiple accounts at the same time all within one app.

Like the web app, Publish by Falcon Social enables you to create, edit, and share content to multiple social channels. It’s perfect for content marketers that need a fast, efficient, and creative solution to drafting and distributing content on the go.

Pricing: Subscription. Pricing tailored to business needs.


Publish by Flacon Social



Want to know what folk are saying about your company on social media? Brand24 is a social media monitoring application that helps you identify and analyse online conversations about brands, products, and competitors. The idea is that you can then get involved and react to these conversations to engage customers and potential customers.

The Brand24 social media marketing app for iPad includes a web-based dashboard that gives you real time data from millions of sources, including news, blogs, influential publishers, and social media. This iPad social media app allows you to easily measure key metrics around buzz and sentiment.

Pricing: From $49 per month.




Mention is excellent at keeping track of specific keywords and mentions on social media. So if your brand or products gets a mention on social media, Mention will alert you so you can respond on your iPad.

Mention is very quick to pick up keywords and mentions and monitors millions of different sources in real time to ensure you don’t miss anything. One of the most useful features is “anti-noise management” which filters out tweets that are not specifically related to issues or keywords you’re concerned about and makes sure essential communications are delivered to your priority inbox direct to your iPad.

Pricing: From $29 per month.




HubSpot is a powerful social media marketing suite that keeps tabs on all channels of social media. Hubspot allows you to analyze your marketing efforts with features with detailed dashboards for landing pages, emails and blogs. HubSpot also has some CRM features such as Detailed Contact Records and automatic updating of marketing contacts in your database.

HubSpot enables you to engage with your social media audience in real-time with features such as the ability to compose and schedule social media posts in-app or from third party apps such as Safari, Photos and Flipboard. You can of course monitor keywords with hashtags and receive push notifications of when HubSpot has detected a mention.

Pricing: From $200 per month.

hubspot ipad



With these social media marketing apps on your iPad, you’ll have a better grip on your social media presence night and day to ensure your brand and message gets across the right way. Let us know which apps you use for managing your business and social media. And if you’re interested in learning more about cloud-based social media marketing software, check out our sister site GetApp’s top 25 ranking, GetRank.