10 Apps to Help You Get in Shape for Summer

Getting in shape is something a lot of people have trouble with. Not only that, but summer’s just around the corner, so it’s time to put down your TV remotes and pick up your iPads! Sometimes we want to exercise, but we just walk in the gym aimlessly, expecting to instantly lose weight and shape up with minimal effort. This is mainly due to lack of organisation.

In this roundup, I’m going to show you 10 great apps to help you achieve your ideal body and add some organisation into your workouts. Don’t just think you can use one app and get away with it; a combination of diet, exercise and rest is the only way to get those washboard abs (or at least a lack of stomach!)

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Fitness for iPad

This should be the brick and mortar when it comes to actually finding the workouts you want to do. Fitness for iPad contains a huge arsenal of detailed, step by step videos to show you the correct way to workout on tons of different exercises. The app contains a nifty calorie counter too, complete with nutritional information and over 300,000 foods stored in the database. It has over 100 pre-made workouts too, along with 50 yoga poses.

Using this app, you can really cover most if not all of your body in terms of muscle growth/toning, which is a key step in developing your body and shedding those carbs. By being stronger in more of your body, not only will you be balanced and strong, but you’ll also look good from all angles.

Price: $0.99
Requires: iOS 4.1 or later
Developer: ARAWELLA

Yoga Free for iPad

Yoga is one of the bast ways to get in shape. It strengthens and stretches the muscle fibres in your body, making you more flexible and toned. Daily yoga will dramatically increase both these things along with balance and stability. This app contains 200 great yoga poses with detailed instructions and photos on how to perform them. Each pose is graded on the level of competence required to do it, so all fitness types can give this a go.

The app has a counter to time how long you remain in each pose, something I have to measure in breaths when doing it unassisted. I think this is a great thing to use alongside another workout-orientated app, as you can’t harness maximum fat loss through just yoga. That’s not to say it’s a bad way of training; yoga will bring about massive health benefits.

Price: Free
Requires: iOS 4.2 or later
Developer: ARAWELLA

Everyday Fitness

This app’s a great way to start off slimming down and keeping fit. Everyday Fitness has 79 fitness videos and 25 actionable articles and tips to helps you reach your fitness goals. It provides a wide array of fitness-related content, including yoga, pilates, flexibility, strength, and even posture tips/exercises for the beginner.

Starting off can be hard for some, but this is probably the best way to do it; using this app negates the need to empty your pockets for a gym membership and personal training, letting you workout quickly and properly. Posture’s a very overlooked thing when it comes to fitness, but good posture not only makes you look smarter, it allows your muscles to develop properly without injury during exercise. Ideal for beginners.

Price: $3.99
Requires: iOS 3.2 or later
Developer: Canyon Ranch

OWT Fitness

Another decent fitness app that talks you through each workout using instructions and images. It categorises exercises by the muscles they work. This app’s quite basic, but won’t cost you anything to try out!

This app is probably good to take to the gym to help you work out properly with instruction. This will ensure you don’t injure yourself, and if you’re just starting out, form is the most important thing during exercise, so always look in a mirror or get a partner to see if your form is good.

Price: Free
Requires: iOS 3.1 or later
Developer: Centered Systems

Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal

Another very important thing to consider when shaping up is the calories you put into your body. With great apps such as this one, you’ll always be able to prepare a balanced, low-calorie meal that will assist you no end when sculpting your ideal body. This Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker is probably the nonpareil of its kind for the iPad, allowing you to not only monitor the nutrition of your food and add your own custom meals that you can reuse to your hearts content, but also containing its own database of 350+ exercises that are guaranteed to help you get in shape.

This all-in-one app is a great way to work out while also watching what you eat. The fact that its free too makes this a no-brainer. You can even personalise your own goals and share your progress with friends! Highly reccomended.

Price: Free
Requires: iOS 3.0 or later
Developer: MyFitnessPal

Nike Training Club

Detailed instructions and audio support are on hand for 130 dynamic drills with this superb app. With more than 85 custom-built workouts, including some from celebrities and athletes, Nike Training Club has many of the essential tools in engineering your body. It allows you to set workouts to your own music and track details of your progress.

I personally love this app due not not just the diversity of full-body workouts, but it also has a rewards system, allowing you to unlock extra workouts to keep you motivated. It’s quite a well designed app too, keeping it simple and clean.

Price: Free
Requires: iOS 4.0 or later
Developer: Nike


FitnessClass is a free app that has 370 in-depth workout videos which cost a small fee each, or you can pay for their ‘ClassPass’ which entitles you to all 370 videos for a yearly fee. This is probably the largest database of workouts so far and is bound to keep you busy. Each video was shot in HD. The app comes with 7 free workouts, and another free one is interchanged each week.

Running out of things to do or doing the same thing day on day can sometimes plateau in terms or its effectiveness, so having such a wide variety of workouts is a really helpful feature. If you’re serious about using solely this app, I recommend going for the monthly/yearly subscription and doing a wide variety of workouts.

Price: Free (some fitness classes cost)
Requires: iOS 5.1 or later
Developer: PumpOne

The Snack App

This is just a simple app that will assist you in choosing low-calorie and good food for you snacks. You can see like many of the other apps the nutritional information of each snack, however on this app they’re sorted by craving, e.g. sweet, salty, creamy etc. Basic health assistance like this and cutting down on calories can dramatically improve your results.

Price: Free
Requires: iOS 4.0 or later
Developer: Everyday Health

Fitness Pro

Fitness Pro is possibly the ultimate compilation of a range of workouts that you can use to work almost any muscle in your body due to the sheer volume of workouts supplied. One thing I love about this app is the variety of preset routines you can just get in there and use to your hearts content. It has a neat little overview of the human anatomy and by tabbing a muscle anywhere on the overview, you can see detailed information and exercises relevant to that specific muscle.

Without any cost, this app is jam-packed full of value! There’s a world of exercises at your fingertips, all with detailed instructions and photos. If none of the fitness apps so far have worked for you, I strongly advise you to pick this one up and give one of the preset routines a go.

Price: Free
Requires: iOS 3.0 or later
Developer: Data Supply

Everyday Health for iPad

We could give you every exercise app and calorie counter known to man, however general health outside of exercise is just as important. This app is a guide to general health with helpful tips and detailed information in order to help you live a healthy lifestyle and get a real natural body.

The app has common sense, easy-to-use advice for your everyday health issues. It’s a great way to support a healthy way of living in order to really finish off that dream body of yours. It has medically reviewed advice on many health conditions too, so you’ll be able to see if you’re doing something wrong in your training. And to top it all off, it’s free.

Price: Free
Requires: iOS .2 or later
Developer: Everyday Health

As with any set of workouts it comes down to your effort and dedication that will truly shape you up for summer; we’ve just given you some of the best tools to go about doing it. If you have any more apps you’d recommend, let us know in the comments section below to help fellow fat-shedders. Have a good and healthy summer!