10 Awesome iPad Apps for Film Lovers

Every movie lover needs a companion, and the iPad is the perfect device for the job. With the apps here you will be able to see the latest trailers, watch full movies and track films that you want to see all from your iPad.
Whenever I sit down to watch a movie, I make sure that I have my iPad at hand. Whether I’m researching actors, looking up trivia or reading reviews to find out if a movie is worth my time, the iPad has revolutionised how I watch movies — and it can for you too by using the apps in this roundup!

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By now most people will have heard of Netflix. It is by far the most popular subscription service for watching movies and TV shows – and it’s easy to see why. Although Netflix’s weak point is the poor selection of newer releases, a massive back-catalogue of popular TV shows and movies should be enough to satisfy most users.

House of Cards - a Netflix original. Well worth a watch!

House of Cards – a Netflix original. Well worth a watch!

The app itself is mostly a pleasure to use, and the developers are constantly tweaking and updating it in order to ensure that it stays ahead of the pack from other streaming services. Unfortunately, the interface for browsing movies is very much hit and miss for some people. I personally don’t mind it, but others may find that it can be a bit slow and confusing due to all of the scrolling required.

iTunes Movie Trailers

There are few things more exciting in life for a movie fan than seeing a trailer for a film that appeals to them – and with iTunes Movie Trailers, users can have thousands of trailers at the tip of their fingers.

A stunning and easy to use UI - a dead giveaway that it's from Apple.

A stunning and easy to use UI – a dead giveaway that it’s from Apple.

Strangely enough, this app is developed by Apple themselves – but this of course also means that the ease of use and attention to detail within the app is second to none. Trailers loads incredibly fast, and the quality of them is second to none. Although some may prefer to use apps like YouTube for watching trailers, I find that having an app dedicated to them makes finding a good one much easier. There is both a large back-catalogue of trailers to watch, and of course newly released ones – perfect for planning your next trip to the cinema! Be sure to check out the AppStorm review as well here!


You may be wondering what an app like Evernote is doing in this roundup, as it serves no direct purpose when it comes to watching movies. But that is exactly why it’s here – because it serves a different purpose for each person who uses it. For me, I use it to write small reviews of films I’ve seen – but I know others who use it for keeping track of films they’ve seen, and ones that they want to.

Films to watch in August

Films to watch in August

Evernote have an incredibly easy to use app on the iPad, but the crux of using the service is that it is available on most platforms. This means that you can use it on your iPhone, Android and PC with seamless synchronisation, so no matter where you are or what device you have with you, accessing your movie notes will never be more than a few taps away! Read the full AppStorm review here to see how to use it to it’s maximum ability.


If you ever searched for movie information on the web, you probably ended up on the IMDB website. Having without a doubt one of the most information-rich databases in the world, IMDB allows you to see full cast lists for films, get more information about those actors (and see their other works), view trivia about movies and participate in discussions about your favourite movies.

Using IMDb to find new releases.

Using IMDb to find new releases.

IMDB for iPad is an app I find myself constantly checking, even when not watching a movie – the vast pool of information is addictive to say the least. But the handiest use for IMDB is the fact that it solves the age-old problem of recognising an actor but not knowing where from. The easy to use and well-designed iPad app makes checking out information like this a cinch. For more information on IMDb just check out the AppStorm review from Jesse!


In an ideal world, all of our movies would be stored in the cloud and would automatically be updated with all of the relevant metadata. Unfortunately, this is not the world we live in, but Plex definitely is as close as it gets.

Adding my server to Plex.

Adding my server to Plex.

Plex needs a server on one of your PCs with your media stored on it. Once you have this done, it will begin to source metadata for your library and it will then be able to stream to all Plex-supported devices, including your iPad. The app is stunning to use, displaying your library beautifully with cover art and relevant information galore.


Of course the biggest video hosting website in the world would have to make an appearance here, thanks to the fact that not only does it have a trailer available for almost any movie imaginable but the fact that if you’re lucky, you might actually come across a full movie to watch on YouTube.


The Steve Jobs biopic starring Ashton Kutcher.

The Steve Jobs biopic starring Ashton Kutcher.

The app itself is a pleasure to use, with Google ensuring that users will keep coming back for more by crafting a stunning and intuitive interface blended with an easy way to browse through the huge collection of YouTube videos. Users can also create playlists of their favourite trailers and movies to share them with their friends. Check out the full AppStorm review for more information.

Movies by Flixster

Movies by Flixster could be described as just ranking underneath IMDb in terms of do-it-all movie apps. The app has everything, ranging from scores aggregated from the always reliable Rotten Tomatoes, to showtimes at a cinema near you.

Flixster offers a great amount of information, but not as much as IMDb.

Flixster offers a great amount of information, but not as much as IMDb.

Using Movies by Flixster is nothing short of a pleasant experience, with an easy to pick up interface and the ability to quickly find and research about any film that you want. For more information check out our AppStorm review.


Just reviewed recently hereGetGlue may be an app that focusses mainly on TV shows – but I found that it was very useful for finding out which films were showing on TV stations. With just one tap, you can see what films are being shown and on what channel. You can also get a schedule for upcoming films on channels.

Use GetGlue to find movies on TV near you.

Use GetGlue to find movies on TV near you.

The app is very easy to use, sporting a minimal and sparse interface, preventing users from the all-too-common information overload.


I recently reviewed CineXPlayer, giving it a perfect 10/10 score thanks to its amazing feature set, great design and ease of use. At its core CineXPlayer is merely a video player, but scratch beneath the surface and you will see that it has so much more – including Dolby Digital audio processing, on-the-fly 3D conversion and live TV features.

Watching a movie on HBO.

Watching a movie on HBO.

The main advantage of using this app is that you will no longer have to convert your video files to .MP4 to play them on your iPad, instead just needing to add them to the app through iTunes. The ability to view IMDb whilst the movies is playing back is also handy, as it means that you won’t constantly be switching between your movie and Safari. Lastly, the app supports 720P playback, so those amazing quality HD films that you have saved up won’t have to have their quality butchered if you decide to watch them on your iPad.

Action Movie FX

What’s the point on watching all these great action flicks if you don’t get a chance to partake in the fun every so often? With Action Movie FX, this is exactly the opportunity that is afforded to you.

Be a part of the action.

Be a part of the action.

Using the app’s easy to use interface, there is a vast selection of action effects that can be used – ranging from telephone wires falling, to a torrential tornado. Once you have selected the effect, its as simple as pointing it at the target for a few seconds and then enjoy as all hell breaks loose as the action unfolds on your iPad screen.


I hope that you have found a few apps above that will enhance the way that you watch, organise and enjoy films. And remember, a lot of the above apps are universal so you can also download them to your iPhone and use them whilst at the cinema or a friend’s house as well!