50 People You Should Follow on Twitter

Today I thought I’d take a different approach to the trusty Roundup and share some awesome people to follow on Twitter for iOS, Apple, and technology insight! It can feel pretty daunting trying to find good people to to follow, like shopping for Oyster Sauce in the supermarket (I’m still recovering from that expedition), but have no fear, I’m here to help.

Twitter is an awesome place to find people who are really switched on and engage with them in a meaningful way, getting snippets of revelation, humour, and the daily trivia of people’s lives has never been so easy!

I enlisted the enthusiastic help of the AppStorm team to hone and refine this expansive list, we all hope you like it. My only word of advice: be ruthlessly selective, or prepare to be swallowed by a deluge of carefully chosen characters.

For utmost clarity I have occasionally added a short note to these descriptions, hopefully you’ll be able to select the kind of people you’ll enjoy listening to from this handy list – if you’re not sure, check out their last few Tweets and decide for yourself!

@gruber – Raconteur. (Author of Daring Fireball)

@daringfireball – Entries from Daring Fireball. Sort of like RSS but via Twitter.

@jack – Executive Chairman of Twitter, CEO of Square, a founder of both. (Being a founder of the service means he got dibs on the illustrious @jack twitter account…)

@Oatmeal – Truth, beauty, and unkempt chest hair. (Comics…)

@davidappleyard – A designer, entrepreneur and Tuts+ Manager at Envato. (Distinguished former AppStorm manager/editor/head honcho)

@danbenjamin – Founder of http://5by5.tv. Former greenskeeper, now about to become the Masters champion.

@marcoarment – Creator of Instapaper. Writer. Podcaster. Coffee enthusiast. Formerly of Tumblr.

@jkottke – Responsible for kottke.org and stellar.io. Irresponsible about everything else.

@siracusa (Hypercritical, need I say more)

@mrgan – One of the good ones.

@minimalmac – Your Mac, simplified.

@mattgemmell – I make computers be nice to humans. User experience and accessibility zealot, writer, speaker, developer.

@AmyJane – You can’t resist her, she’s in your bones. She is your marrow, and your ride home.

@collis – Hi I’m Collis, I work at Envato where I help make awesome websites!

@skoda – happily married to @caitlinjean, loves Jesus, likes technology, builds iOS sofware with @ZAAZagency, and co-founder of @sky_balloon

@kcase – CEO of the Omni Group. (We make OmniGraffle, OmniFocus, OmniOutliner, OmniPlan, OmniWeb, OmniGraphSketcher, etc.)

@chartier – I like to simplify tech. I work for @AgileBits and @1Password, contribute to @Macworld and @MacObserver, run @finertech, and love @PensAndPaws.

@Mike_FTW – This is a personal account and does not reflect the opinions of my boss, who is an asshole.

@TheFeature – A hand-picked selection of the finest articles and essays on the web. Hand-tweeted by editor-in-chief @nostrich for @Instapaper.

@shauninman – Manufacturer of http://thelastrocket.com, Square-waver http://noisees.com, Designer & developer of http://haveamint.com & http://feedafever.com

@joshuatopolsky – Editor-in-chief of The Verge, reformed producer, lover of creepy movies.

@mantia – “Keep kicking ass, Louie.”—MC Hammer “Let’s go Louie!”—Mike Tyson

@mpanzarino – News and Apple Editor at The Next Web. Photographer. A nerd is the word. email: matthew at thenextweb.com

@mattalexand – Owner and Editor of @ONE37net, and Contributing Writer for @TheLoop.

@agiletortoise – Developer of @phraseologyapp, @terminologyapp, @draftsapp and other iOS apps, and the online dictionary term.ly. Not a half bad blues guitarist.

@jdalrymple – Editor in Chief of LoopInsight; guitar player; dog lover; Sometimes I say things; Been reporting on Apple for almost 20 years. (Should really mention his fantastic beard)

@_soaps – Software Sorceress. Makes Articles, Magical Weather, Xtrail and far too many other apps.

@hotdogsladies – I’m the best 17-year-old ever.

@kbaxter – Writer. iOS developer, creator of @basilrecipesapp. Student. Obsessed with technology, current events, doing great things and how it all fits together.

@BenjaminBrooks – Opinionated (Funnily enough, there was a semi-heated discussion amongst the AppStorm team over whether he was too opinionated…)

@tapbot_paul – Working hard on @tweetbot http://tapbots.com/software/tweetbot/ #working!

@SteveStreza – Lead Platform Developer at @Pocket. Creator of apps @SteveStreza/Projects. Proud atheist. Savant of subculture. Music needs more bass. Here to change the world.

@Ihnatko – Technology Columnist and Internationally Beloved Industry Figure™.

@viticci – Editor-in-Chief of MacStories. I also write http://ticci.org.

@ismh – I hope that someone gets my I hope that someone gets my I hope that someone gets my …message in a bottle. (Author of 512 Pixels)

@dcurtis – Villain.

@secondfret (The wonderful former editor of Mac.AppStorm)

@CraigGrannell – Writer/designer; Mac, iPhone & iPad aficionado; @tapmaguk Games Editor; @netmag News Editor; @macformat contributor; iOS gamer & @iphonetiny creator.

@ttscoff – Marked.app developer (http://markedapp.com), Senior Dev at Aol Tech, TUAW Blogger, mad scientist, notoriously short attention span.

@TimOfLegend – FAQ: http://www.doublefine.com/about Official DF twitter: @doublefine Bugs & tech issues: [email protected] (Legendary game developer, creator of Full Throttle, Grim Fandango, Psychonauts, and Brütal Legend, and co-designer of the early classics The Secret of Monkey Island, Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge and Day of the Tentacle. Need I say more.)

@shawnblanc – Black belt. Writer. Driver. Nerd. Dad. (I write for @shawnblancnet and @toolstoys.)

@toolstoys – A daily collection of fine paraphernalia. (By @shawnblanc)

@thefancy – Your favorite things across the web & around the world.

@AppStore – Follow us for official App Store tweets including our featured apps, exclusive offers, and more. (Keeping it official…)

@pschiller – Apple, Sports, Cars, Science, Rock & Roll

@parislemon – Partner at CrunchFund, Columnist at TechCrunch. I roam the badlands. An outlaw hunting outlaws. A renegade.

@Flipboard – The world’s first social magazine. Free on the App Store.

@longreads – The best long-form stories on the web. Great with @Pocket, Flipboard, Instapaper. Use the #longreads tag to share your favorite stories.

@waltmossberg – Tech columnist for The Wall Street Journal and co-executive editor of allthingsd.com, and co-executive producer of the D: All Things Digital conferences.

@webmarc – CTO at comiXology; this is my personal account, where the opinions are mine & nobody else’s.

You should also, and probably already do, follow @iphoneappstorm, @ipadappstorm, and @appstorm!

Of course I also heartily advise following your favourite AppStorm writers and illustrious editors, simply click their name (on an article they’ve written) and most list, or link to, their Twitter accounts.

Your Favourites

Hope this has helped you find some great new voices in amongst the throng, let us know in the comments your favourite people – be they iOS related, insightful, or just down right classy.