August in Review: The Best New iPad Apps

This past month saw a lot of awesome releases, and here we’ve rounded up the best for you. So in case you missed one, this is your opportunity to catch up. Click “more” to find out what you might have missed.

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BattleFriends in Tanks Premium

Battle it out among friends in the tank of your choice as you take them on one by one in this turn-based game. Challenge your “frenemies” via Facebook, Twitter, SMS or email, or let the app choose an opponent for you.

As you beat your foes and gain combat experience, you’ll rise in the ranks. To get to the top, master the different strategies, tactics and special weapons. You’ll also enjoy cross-platform gameplay that allows you to pick up right where you left off, from one device to another.

Price: $2.99
Developer: Tequila Games
Download: iTunes


Blocksworld HD

Blocksworld lets you build your own 3-D creations — toys, animals, planes and whatever else you can think of. All it takes is a few minutes and then suddenly your creations have digitally come to life.

What’s more is that you get to then play your way through games and puzzles using the character you just created. Customize your designs, have fun with the models, and then share your digital world with the online community.

Price: Free
Developer: Linden Research
Download: iTunes


Brain Chain

Put your brain to the test with this game that will exercise your mind. The app displays a graphic containing two ideas that rhyme but aren’t necessarily connected (for example, a brain and a chain). Your goal is to figure out what those two ideas or items are and type in the answers.

The more correct guesses, the more points you earn. And the more points you earn, the more puzzles and hints you can unlock.

Price: Free
Developer: James Porter
Download: iTunes


Carrot Alarm

Meet Carrot, the “sentient alarm clock.” Carrot wants nothing more than for you to get out of bed on time, so she will sing you songs, tell you jokes, bribe you with ice cream, threaten to kill a kitten, or worse, to prevent you from hitting the snooze button.

And to make sure you’re awake, she’ll ask you to do things like shake your iPad to clean out the “lab monkey cages.” As you complete her tasks, she’ll reward you with points and unlock gifts like new songs, app upgrades and a collection of bedtime stories.

Price: $0.99
Developer: Grailr
Download: iTunes


Cloud Spin

Cloud Spin puts you in control of a bold, free-flying rabbit who is on an adventure. Take to the skies with your furry friend for an epic fantasy in which you can explore a fantastic world of magic.

Collect gold while you’re in the tournament mode, or just learn more about the beautiful environment in free flight mode. Just keep your eyes and ears out for hazards and other obstacles as you soar through the clouds throughout the 10 tournament levels.

Price: $1.99
Developer: Skytrain Studios
Download: iTunes


Cox Contour

Are you a Cox Communications customer? Well if not, maybe you should be, because with this app you can watch live TV and On Demand shows on your iPad. Select up to 90 channels, plus thousands of On Demand options.

The app will even include personal show recommendations for up to seven users, and it provides you with the ability to remotely schedule recordings on your DVR. You can also share what you watch with Facebook friends, easily view and sort TV listings for all channels, and more.

Price: Free
Developer: Cox Communications
Download: iTunes


Disney Infinity: Action!

Have you ever wished you could bring a Disney character to life? Well this might be as close as a person can get. With this app, you can create your very own movies starring all your favorite personalities — and you!

Explore the more than 30 different animations and include them in the Movie Maker — find out whether you can intimidate Sulley, challenge Jack Sparrow to a duel, or help Mr. Incredible fight crime. Then share your videos via Facebook or YouTube!

Price: Free
Developer: Disney
Download: iTunes



Fans of Markdown will be very appreciate of Editorial, an incredible plain text editor for the iPad that contains useful automation tools and a savvy inline preview for Markdown content (plus you can easily switch to a full HTML preview).

The easy-to-use “drag and drop” interface makes workflow a cinch, and the nearly 50 configurable actions means you have a lot of flexibility. You’ll also enjoy the ability to integrate scripts, Dropbox sync capabilities, a Markdown-adapted keyboard, and more.

Price: $4.99
Developer: omz:software
Download: iTunes


FastFeed for Tumblr

FastFeed delivers a multi-tab experience for all your mobile feeds navigation. Located at the bottom of the screen, the multi-tab bar will allow you to freely browse multiple Tumblr sites at the same time and autohide when not in use.

Every feed button or link breaks out a new tab; the number of max tabs can be changed in settings; and the feed view spans the entire width of the device.

Price: Free
Developer: Concerto
Download: iTunes


Fit Fix

Fit Fix lets you create your own video workout playlist made from PopSugar’s continuously updated catalog of exercise videos. Now you can work out with celebrity trainers no matter where you are, and if you’ve downloaded the videos, you can even enjoy them while you’re offline. New workouts are added every week.

Price: Free
Developer: PopSugar
Download: iTunes


In this app you’ll find new recipes, culinary-related trivia, and other items related to food-focused holidays. But you don’t have to wait more than just a few hours in between celebrations, because with the app, you’ll be celebrating a new food holiday 365 days a year.

Browse the full calendar of holidays, search for upcoming holidays (Taco Day, International Bacon Day, Margarita Day — you get the idea), save recipes or holidays as favorites, and share all the fun with friends on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or via email or text.

Price: Free
Developer: Television Food Network
Download: iTunes


Hype Reflect

Animators will be happy about this one. With Hype Reflect you can preview all your Hype for Mac animations on your iPad or iPhone as long as all the devices are on the same network. And, if you enable Mirror mode, you can view changes live while you work to make sure colors and text appear exactly the way you want them to.

Price: Free
Developer: Tumult
Download: iTunes



Take storytelling into your own hands with InfiniScroll, which lets you scroll up and down to reveal different connected drawings to frame your story. Then choose the ones you like and add your own voice to the pictures. Kids will absolutely love this app.

Price: $3.99
Developer: Curious Hat
Download: iTunes


Little Galaxy

If this game could be summed up in two words, those words would be “space jumping.” Help a little boy defy gravity in all the unique levels (regenerated every time you play), with one-touch gameplay, realistic gravity mechanics, challenging quests, power-ups, bonuses, combos and more.

Price: $0.99
Developer: Bitmap Galaxy
Download: iTunes


Mikey Hooks

Run, jump, slide and hook your way across three dozen different levels spread over six unique environments. It’s up to you to help Mikey collect counts and find all the golden shorts (yup, golden shorts) while keeping an eye out for spikes and other dangers. And for extra fun, you can try out more than 200 amusing disguises on Mikey.

Price: $1.99
Developer: BeaverTap Games
Download: iTunes



Planning a vacation any time soon? This app lets you browse thousands of different trip ideas that you can customize to meet your exact wants and needs. Let Mygola do all the hard work — let it comb the web for you to find itineraries created by savvy travelers and other trusted resources.

You can tweak itineraries as needed, then book and go. Have questions about an itinerary? Ask an expert provided by the app. The first question is free, then you can ask unlimited questions for $30.

Price: Free
Developer: Mygola
Download: iTunes


Perfect Kick

Put your penalty shootout skills to the test with Perfect Kick. Go toe to toe with players from all over the world in classic penalty shootout gameplay, plus replay classic penalty shootouts from history. Win trophies and unlock achievements as you advance up the leaderboards.

Price: Free
Developer: Chillingo
Download: iTunes



Here’s a clean and effective photo editor that lets you save your work to your photo library or share images via your social media apps. Enhance images, add effects, make adjustments, add frames, place stickers, crop photos, add drawings and text, correct redeye, and do more.

Price: $0.99
Developer: HAZ
Download: iTunes


Pirate Legends TD

Yo ho ho, it’s the pirate’s life for you! Sail your ship, defend yourself from the British Navy, fight off cannibals and plunder your way across the seven seas in this nautical strategic defense game.

As captain, you’ll be in charge of upgrading your towers, improving your tech, deploying your fellow swashbucklers and protecting your loot. Enjoy seven different environments, 28 different enemies and four bosses to overcome, 20 tower types, an awesome soundtrack and more.

Price: $0.99
Developer: Super Hippo Studios Limited
Download: iTunes


Plants vs. Zombies 2

The sequel to Plants vs. Zombies has hit, and it’s crazier than ever before. Build up your army of plants by supercharging them with special plant food, then take down as many zombies as possible while protecting your brain.

Meet new plants this time around, including Bonk Choy, Bloomerang, Lightning Reed, and new zombies like Ra Zombie, Swashbuckler Zombie and Chicken Wrangler Zombie.

Price: Free
Developer: PopCap
Download: iTunes


Seven – 7 Minute Workout with 7 Month Goal

Commit to seven minutes of exercise every day for seven months to get in the best shape of your life! The workouts don’t require equipment, and you earn achievements and rewards after completing sessions. Like in video games, you have three lives — if you miss a day, you lose a heart. Miss three workouts in a month and your progress resets to zero. So keep up the good work!

Price: Free
Developer: Perigee
Download: iTunes


Shutterfly Photo Story

Make a photo book you can hold, hear and share with your friends and family. Add photos, text and audio (30-second messages) to customize your photo book, then share your digital memories with others, or order a hard copy from Shutterfly, starting at $19.99.

Price: Free
Developer: Shutterfly
Download: iTunes


Solar Flux HD

Journey across the universe by solving puzzles and showcasing your fast reflexes as you swerve around supernovas, asteroid fields, meteors and black holes. Fly through 80 progressively difficult missions in four different galaxies and challenge yourself to earn three stars on every mission. Restore the galaxy on behalf of the Solar Galaxy Federation!

Price: $3.99
Developer: Firebrand Games
Download: iTunes


Telemundo Now

Watch full episodes of Telemundo novelas and shows (you must authenticate through your TV provider), plus customize Mi Lista with all your favorites. Note that Telemundo Now is only accessible with a U.S. internet connection, and a minimum of a 3G connection is required for watching on a mobile device.

Price: Free
Developer: NBC Universal
Download: iTunes


ThinkStock by Getty Images

Browse more than 10 million images from Getty Images and iStock. Search for what you want, zoom in on images to view details, and scroll continuously to view seamless search results.

You can also enjoy one-touch lightbox toggling, curated galleries, search filters, high-resolution viewing with a tap, and a regularly updated library. Your search will be linked to your online account, so whatever you save can easily be found later.

Price: Free
Developer: Getty Images
Download: iTunes


Voice Translator (Free)

Imagine speaking one language into Voice Translator and then having the app translate what you’ve just said into another language. With this app, there are more than 20 different languages available — it’s like having an interpreter in your pocket.

Use your Bluetooth connection to talk to someone in another language, voice to voice and device to device. Plus you can tap on a translation to copy or share it via email, SMS or WeChat.

Price: Free
Developer: delphi qin
Download: iTunes


Work Market

Work Market can connect freelancers with jobs and contract work with respected companies and clients across all industries. If a potential client sends a freelancer a query, he or she can accept, apply or negotiate with regard to the service contract. The services are free for freelancers, who can create a profile highlighting skills and experience to attract potential job offers.

Price: Free
Developer: Work Market
Download: iTunes


Xfinity Games

Gamers, rejoice. The Xfinity Games powered by Origin app delivers all your console-quality video games from Electronic Arts right to your television through your Comcast X1 set-top box. After launching a game from the web storefront, your iPad will become the controller for your game — all thanks to this app. Let the fun begin!

Price: Free
Developer: Comcast Silicon Valley
Download: iTunes

What Did You Love This Month?

Which iPad app release were you most excited about this month? Let your fellow iPad enthusiasts know in the comments section below!