Hot Favourites: The AppStorm Team’s Top iPad Apps

Looking around the App Store can be good way to find new apps, but more often than not it’s relatively unproductive, and we’ve already discussed how bad Genius is…

Recommendations from friends are a good way to go, as is getting stuck into your favourite app publication (AppStorm, right?). What would you say if I could offer you the best of both worlds?

Well, you’re in luck. Today we have an awesome compilation of iPad app recommendations from AppStorm writers and editors – read on and enjoy!

Hot Favourites

I asked all of the iPad-owning AppStorm team for one app that they absolutely love, and a short sentence (or two) about why. To keep it fresh and lively we’ve tried to steer clear of the mainstream big-hitters and gone for awesome new apps, and a few that you may not have heard of!

I instructed the team that they would be taking their life in their hands if they dared to say Flipboard…

Nathaniel Mott: Spool

A quick description: Why just read? Spool saves web pages and videos from your browser to your iPhone or iPad for offline viewing.

It handles video, image galleries, slide shows, PDFs, long articles, and blogs that you encounter and want to enjoy when you have time.

I’m in on the Spool beta, and Spool has replaced Instapaper on my iPad. I love the ability to save image galleries as well as videos and articles to the app, allowing me to throw everything into one place instead of using multiple apps to achieve the same effect.

Bonus App: The Fantastic Flying Books

I bought this app/book for my nephew, but I have just as much (or more) fun with it as he does. It’s a really great story, and it feels interactive without being forced. Being able to watch my two-year-old nephew work the iPad is also a marvel, so as a complete package this app is fantastic.

Matthew Guay: PDF Expert

A quick description: PDF Expert is the ultimate solution for all your PDF needs. It lets you read and annotate PDF documents, highlight text, make notes, draw with your finger and save these changes being compatible with Preview and Adobe Acrobat.

Signing and emailing PDF forms from the iPad? Awesomeness. Plus, great PDF reader and basic editor too.

Bonus App: OneEdit

a more unheard-of app, this is a bulk image editor I use to resize images and upload them to Dropbox in bulk with tweaked names and in different formats, if needed, when taking screenshots for articles (I’ve got an iPad 1, so no camera)

Heather Weaver: 500px

A quick description: Enjoy the world’s best photos right at your fingertips. Discover exhilarating landscapes, cutest moments of wildlife, striking portraits and more.

I use my iPad in search of inspiration for design, photography, and art projects. 500px is the most gorgeous way yet that I’ve found to look for this inspiration.

Alex Wilkinson: Notability

It’s the perfect app for keeping a student’s notes organized – it supports both handwritten and typed notes, divides your notes into searchable notebooks, and even allows you to record while you are taking notes. My favorite aspect of the app, though, is the fact that it can automatically sync my notes to Dropbox, to any folder I specify.

Jacob Wilson: Snapseed & Filterstorm

A quick description: Snapseed is the only photo app you’ll want to use every day. It makes any photograph extraordinary with a fun, high-quality photo experience right at your fingertips. Filterstorm contains a suite of powerful tools including layers, curves manipulation, color correction abilities, noise reduction, sharpening, vignetting, and black and white conversion fine-tuning. It also includes the powerful ability to adjust masks by brush, color range, gradient, and vignettes.

The combination of them both makes the best portable alternative to Photoshop ever. I can’t imagine just using Photoshop Express when these apps can do so much more.

James Cull: Editions by AOL

A quick description:Editions by AOL is a beautiful, new, daily magazine that reads you. It learns what you like (and what you don’t) and delivers a magazine that’s personalized just for you, each day.

It’s a fantatsic personalised news app which allows you to customise exactly what you want to read. It’s a bit like Zite.

Jorge Rodriguez: Highlights

A quick description: Highlights is a crowd sourced recommendation app that lets you find the very best places around the world. Whether you’re trying to discover the nicest bar in your town or looking to plan your next vacation, Highlights will have you covered with its advanced recommendation engine.

It’s the most simple, fun, accurate, fast, and pleasant way to find new cool places to go to, especially if you are traveling.

Bonus App: Aweditorum

: I’ve always been a fan of thesixtyone (the page where Aweditorium grabs their music from), and I just love the way the navigation in Aweditorium works, it makes it fun to discover new artists and read their story.

Kevin Whipps: DirecTV for the iPad

Not only does it let me stream live television to my iPad, but it also allows me to change recordings and manage my playlists. Super handy. Now if only it would allow me to stream my DVR’s contents…

Adam Williams: Cleartune Tuner

Admittedly, a chromatic tuner is not the most exciting app which one could choose to single out as their essential purchase, but the Cleartune Chromatic Tuner is just so useful that I think it’s probably amongst my most prized iOS apps bought thus far.

With simple, clear graphics which make a nice change from the fiddly LED’s usually seen in inexpensive hardware tuners, and an accurate reading of all major notes, Cleartune Chromatic Tuner is always in my possession. Priced far cheaper than most hardware guitar tuners, Cleartune can help tune electric guitar, bass, woodwinds, piano and more.

Justin Stravarius: LastPass

I’m truly, madly and deeply in love with LastPass. Without them, I would not be sleeping so comfortably at night, knowing that no one can hack into any of my accounts. Besides the LastPass app for storing and retrieving passwords, their LastPass tab browser allows you to login and access any website in a single click, just like in the desktop!

Scott Danielson: Animoog

I’m crazy about Animoog. It is hands down the best synthesizer app for iPad I’ve ever used. It does a really good job of optimizing the touch interface for making music, and can also handle USB MIDI input via the iPad Camera Connection Kit. A must have for any musician who uses an iPad in his/her workflow.

Chris Zeigler: X-Men

I wouldn’t consider X-Men my absolute favorite iPad app, but this arcade classic from 1992 brings back fond memories. Playing the iPad version will soon remind you of why just two buttons, a joystick, and comic book characters used to make for a great videogame. With a price of only $0.99 it’s worth it for the nostalgia alone!

Joel Bankhead: Palimpsest

Palimpsest is a great little app that I reviewed back in August. It’s a great way to engage with fascinating longer articles on your iPad. The curated sources and personalisation providing a stream of engrossing reads!

Your Thoughts

As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts – simply post a comment below! What is your favourite iPad app?