It’s that time of year. When we say goodbye to four years of hard work and newfound friends and forge ahead to “make something of ourselves.” But how can you be expected to make it in the “real world” without a solid collection of apps for this new season of life?

That’s why I’ve put together a list of the top 10 iPad apps recent graduates need. This list covers everything from finding a job to getting a new apartment to dropping the freshman 15 (that hung on long past freshman year). So let’s get started!

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Apartments For Rent icon

Apartments For Rent

So, you finished college and the last thing you want to do is go back to living in mom and dad’s basement. Use Apartments For Rent to find your own pad before you have to face the embarrassment of telling your next date you still live at home (which is guaranteed to keep you from a second one).

The app offers an interactive map, property photos, and floor plan galleries. If that isn’t enough, you can also watch video tours for properties as well as different apartment communities. After finding one you’re interested in choose from a number of methods to contact the apartment manager.

Price: Free
Developer: United Advertising Publications Inc.

Pocket Resume icon

Pocket Resume

Remember that resume you threw together last minute to land that internship? Time to pull it out and dust it off. Better yet, it might just make more sense to create a new one.

Pocket Resume will help you pull one together in no time — except this time it will actually look professional. I wrote about this one in more detail awhile back, but what you need to know is that it has 8 templates, you can export to PDF and RTF, and create resumes from your LinkedIn profile.

Price: $2.99
Developer: Mani Ghasemlou

Wunderlist icon


If you’re not used to using a task management app, you’re about to find out that life after college can get incredibly busy. There’s a reason why everyone and their brother is making an app to help people get things done.

There’s quite a few on the market and they all have their pros and cons. Wunderlist is a free option that still packs a punch in terms of features. Not only will it help you remember all those things you need to accomplish, but it also syncs all of your tasks across the desktop, iPhone and iPad versions. Still not convinced? Read our full length review of Wunderlist!

Price: Free
Developer: 6 Wunderkinder GmbH

Twitter icon


You may not agree with #hashtags, but if you’re not on Twitter you’re missing out. With instant access to top leaders in every field, it’s a great place for learning, networking and keeping up on current events.

Every day I find at least one article or blog post shared on Twitter that helps me improve as a leader in my profession. Get on and find some people to follow that will be useful to your development.

Price: Free
Developer: Twitter, Inc.

MyFitnessPal HD icon

MyFitnessPal HD

If you’re anything like me, that late night pizza and hours of videogames did a number (or a lot of numbers) on your waistline. MyFitnessPal HD is a calorie counter that will help you shed some of those extra pounds.

Input your current weight and how many pounds you want to lose and it will set up a diet plan for you. Unlike the typical practice of calorie counting, this app makes it extremely simple with the ability to scan barcodes and a database of over 2,000,000 foods.

Price: Free
Developer: MyFitnessPal LLC

Job Search icon

Job Search

Of course, the thing on everyone’s mind when they graduate is finding a job. Job Search brings’s extensive database (millions) of job listings to your iPad, but this app does more than just search job listings.

Create and edit your resume within the app and view new jobs added since your last search. Save jobs and job searches to your favorites. Once you’ve found the job that’s right for you can start the application process right from the app.

Price: Free
Developer: Personal Finance icon Personal Finance

Having trouble figuring out where all your money is going? Are you starting to wonder if all your pockets have holes in them? Well,’s website and corresponding app can help you figure that out.

It analyzes your bank accounts and credit cards to help show you where your money is being spent. You can set up categories too to make sure you stay on budget. After a couple weeks you may just find the money to replace those pants.

Price: Free

LinkedIn icon


LinkedIn is the ultimate in business networking. Get this app to stay up to date with all your connections using the social network.

I resisted joining LinkedIn for years because I didn’t want to get involved in another social network, but I recently signed up and I can already see the value it offers. Who knows? Maybe you’ll get a new job out of it.

Price: Free
Developer: LinkedIn Corporation

Agenda Calendar icon

Agenda Calendar

For all those appointments and events that you don’t want to miss, Agenda Calendar is a great alternative to the stock iPad calendar app.

It has a beautifully simple interface and a way to see your weekly overview that’s easy on the eyes. It also syncs with Google Calendar, iCloud, and Microsoft Exchange.

Price: $1.99
Developer: Savvy Apps, LLC

Jetsetter for iPad icon

Jetsetter for iPad

Maybe after hitting the books for 4 (or more) years, you need to get away for a little while. Are you in the mood to see San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge? Or maybe zip lining through the Costa Rican jungle is more your style.

Jetsetter for iPad helps you find a great getaway with stunning panoramic photos, traveler reviews and insider tips. The app also offers exclusive iPad offers and other deals at up to 50% off with a free membership. Pack your bags!

Price: Free
Developer: Gilt Travel, Inc.


So there it is; now you’ll be off saving the world in no time with your iPad in hand! Welcome to life after graduation. Congratulations and I wish you the best as you move forward in your new pursuits.

I’m sure there are many other apps that could have been put on this list. What’s the biggest one I missed that you think should have been included?