6 Top iPad Collaboration Apps To Bring Remote Teams Closer Together

With team members often spread across the globe it can be a real challenge for modern-day companies to manage the reality of a global workforce working together as one. It’s essential that teams are all working on the same spreadsheets, email accounts and chat tools at the same time otherwise inefficiencies are inevitable. Thankfully, help is at hand in the form of iPad collaboration apps.

With businesses spread far and wide nowadays, a lot of iPad collaboration software has cropped up, designed to help manage the logistics and work on projects with others wherever you are. Some cloud-based collaboration applications have iPad apps, while others that don’t have web clients that work well on iOS.

These collaboration apps for iPad also help streamline and simplify teamwork on a global scale to improve efficiency and communication. You’ll find that most tools require a subscription to get the most out of the collaboration features available but some also offer free apps for iOS with limitations imposed depending on the account you’ve signed up for

Here are 6 of the best iPad collaboration tools to make managing mobile work forces a lot easier.

Workfront View

Workfront is a well-designed iPad collaboration tool that can be used alongside Salesforce. The Workfront View iPad collaboration app is a bit more limited than the web app, but it does give you a very detailed overview of your projects and activities to give you maximum oversight on what’s going on within your team and company. However, there’s no way to edit tasks like you can in the web app.

Workfront View makes it easier for teams to collaborate on reports and customize dashboards to fit team needs. The app is particularly good when it comes to collaboration on issue tracking and Helpdesk issues.

If your company is heavily focused around support issues, Workfront View probably offers more customization and management tools in this area than most of the best iPad collaboration software.

Pricing: From $30 per month.

workfront view

Workfront View


Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects is one of the most widely-used collaboration software available and is flexible enough to be suitable for businesses big and small. Although there is an iPhone app, there is no native Zoho Projects app for iPad. However, the web app works perfectly well on Apple tablets and therefore offers more features than the iPhone app.

Zoho Projects on the iPad has a useful dashboard which allows you to expand or isolate specific areas of your business that you want to manage and collaborate on. Zoho Projects supports staying connected with tasks wherever you are, and provides many useful tools to help keep you on top of tasks and automate management jobs as far as possible.

Zoho Projects for iPad provides alerts for changes that team members have made on projects, and there’s a convenient activity feed to see what team members are working on. You can also follow just specific parts of projects and anyone working on it can log notes, changes and problems.

In all, Zoho Projects is a handy team collaboration tool for iPad that will speed up your workflows.

Pricing: From $20 per month


Zoho Projects

eXo Platform

eXo Platform is an enterprise social networking solution that allows companies to connect their employees, partners, and customers through collaborative or content-driven intranets, extranets, or community websites, enabling better teamwork, employee engagement and productivity.

With eXo, users can share links, documents, and status updates, follow their colleagues’ activities in the activity stream, create workspaces for specific teams or projects, collaborate on files or tasks, and share knowledge via the eXo Platform enterprise wiki.

eXo for iPad is an elegantly-designed app that allows you to keep up with what’s happening in your intranet through activity streams. This iPad collaboration application gives you access to all of your documents and dashboards while you’re on the move. What’s more, the eXo iOS collaboration software includes an in-app assistant to help you create a cloud intranet in minutes!

Pricing: From $3 per month.

exo platform for ipad screenshot

eXo Platform


Mavenlink focuses on collaboration not only via web but also from mobile devices. Although there’s no actual mobile or iPad app, Mavenlink provides a very smart HTML5 version of the app which means the web app works really well on iOS devices.

Mavenlink supports working on reports and documents from anywhere and and provides a complete solution for managing projects and teams from beginning to end on iPad.

Mavenlink allows you to work closely together to complete tasks, track time, plan resources and manage budgets on the move or in the office, all within a very smart and minimal interface.

Pricing: From $19 per month





Wrike takes a slightly different approach to dealing with online collaboration by mixing it with powerful task management features to create a highly versatile all in one management and collaboration tool. Wrike has a native iPad collaboration app, and excels when it comes to real time collaboration so you can see exactly when changes are made to projects no matter where your teams are in the world.

There’s a useful activity stream which makes it easy for colleagues and managers to see everything going on within a group or team and you can get useful individual overviews of the status of specific projects.

Combined some very effective analytical tools, Wrike is a powerful collaboration software for iPad that gives you maximum control over your team and company’s activities.

Pricing: From $49 per month.


wrike ipad



LeanKit for iPad helps teams stay in touch and informed wherever you are. LeanKit has some powerful built-in collaboration features that make it easy to ask questions, share status updates, provide oversights and allow clean handoffs. The result is faster, smoother communication on the go with less risk of something getting lost in translation along the way.

In LeanKit for iPad, project items are visually represented as cards and any team member can add upcoming work to the backlog and prioritize it according to value. There are handy workflow and calendar views which also enable you to instantly see what’s being worked on, who’s what, and how.

LeanKit for iPad ensures that there’s much less chance of bottlenecks and gives your team a shared understanding of activity and status on the move.

Pricing: From $12 per user per month.


leankit ipad


Your business relies on effective collaboration and teamwork, and mobile devices such as iPhone and iPad allow you to communicate and work anywhere. Managing teams that are divided by geography is always going to be a challenge as companies grow.

This selection of the best iPad collaboration apps will make your workforce more efficient wherever they are but let us know your thoughts and needs on what’s important when it comes to working collaboratively on the move.

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