Wikly: Simplicity and Color for Your Calendar

If the standard calendar app that comes with every iDevice would suffice, the productivity section of the App Store would not feature as many alternatives as it does.

Depending on your personal preferences and requirements, all sorts of apps vie for your attention. Most of them advertise tons of features, but what if all you want is simplicity and a visual representation of your week? Let Wikly come to your rescue. We take a closer look at the calendar app after the break.

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Touch Your Calendar

When you read the description of Wikly in the App Store the developers surprise with a clear warning: not to expect a fully fledged calendar app that does a thousand things. Instead, their focus is on the visual representation of your appointments with easy adjustment.

Welcome to Wikly - the slightly more colorful calendar app for iPad

Welcome to Wikly - the slightly more colorful calendar app for iPad.

To achieve said goal, the developers provide the user with a very simple interface. The landscape mode – there is no portrait mode – displays a full week with the days on the left. Your appointments are displayed from the early ones on the left to later ones to the right.

Part of the ease of use of this app are the gestures which allow you quite a number of things. First of all, the pinch gesture allows you to adjust the detail shown – zoom in to view the title of a very short appointment or pinch to see an entire day instead of just a few hours.

Zoom into your calendar or out - depending on what view suits your needs best

Zoom into your calendar or out - depending on what view suits your needs best.

While the gesture seems natural, it didn’t work perfectly for me. I had to pinch and zoom on a pretty straight horizontal axis to get this feature to work. Executing the gesture diagonally – as most of us would – didn’t work most of the time.

If you need even more detail for just one day, tapping the icon on the upper right and then sliding the finger down will magnify each day row. 

With a three finger swipe, you can switch quickly between weeks. A really nice feature, once you figure it out (this is why it is always a good idea to make time for short tutorials when using an app for the first time).

As you might have guessed by now, rearranging your appointments is a matter of simply touching down on one, holding your finger there until the color changes slightly and then dragging the appointment somewhere else.

To my surprise, you can even move it to another week – once the item is moveable, there are arrows that appear which will let you change weeks. On the downside, you can’t change the length of an appointment with a gesture, since the pinch and zoom is already taken for adjusting the week view. That’s something that I would really love to see implemented, since it seems just so natural to do.

Move events around during a week or to another week entirely

Move events around during a week or to another week entirely.

Color Your Day

Wikly is quite obviously not as serious as many calendar apps which focus on productivity first, everything else second. I have yet to see a CEO who colors his calendar in bright and lively colors.

Wikly offers twenty color schemes with the app and you even have the opportunity to create your own color schemes. The idea is awesome and helps to lighten up a schedule that might seem daunting at times.

Don't hold back!

Don't hold back!

There’s just one caveat: Wikly doesn’t recognize the standard calendar colors which you might have set up in your iCal, Outlook Exchange or Google Calendar. I have gone through great pains to color code my calendars and I wish Wikly had at least one setting where default colors are recognized. As it is, I can’t really figure out if an appointment is private or business until I learned which color the app applies to which calendar.

Take Care of the Details

Of course, Wikly offers the option to add new appointments or change existing ones. To do the latter, simply tap on an appointment to bring up a pop over with all the details.

Manage your appointments with the level of details you need - but without unnecessary taps

Manage your appointments with the level of details you need - but without unnecessary taps.

As you can see, all the settings are available within just one window. No need to go through several screens to set everything up. That’s definitely something to note, as many calendar apps require you to flip through multiple settings until you’re finally done.

You can adjust the basics within the app’s settings, for example which calendars are being shown at all, which will be your default calendar or when your day starts and ends.

Wikly syncs with the default calendar app, so whatever you have set up – sync with your iCal through iCloud, Google Calendar or even Microsoft Exchange Server – Wikly will display it if the standard calendar app can handle it.

Don’t Forget About Tasks

While appointments are the main focus of Wikly, there’s also the option to enter tasks by tapping the icon to the very left.

This will bring up the task overview. The entry screen is pretty much the same as with appointments – very straight forward. Tasks can be checked done by tapping the bullet to their right. Or you can turn tasks into events.

Add tasks to keep track of things

Add tasks to keep track of things.

Yes, and it’s a simple drag and drop. That’s why you don’t set a time for a task. When you know when you need to accomplish it, simply drag it into the calendar part of Wikly.

The other way around works as well. If an event is more of a task, you can drag it from the calendar into the task view and it will be converted to a task automatically.


Wikly does exactly as the developers promise: it’s an easy to use app thanks to the gestures which lets you visualize your calendar.

I also like that the days are in a vertical row instead of a horizontal row as in the standard app. This different approach allows for a more elegant layout of events.

Wikly probably won’t do for people with tons and tons of appointments, especially if they are scheduled at the same time like you often have in a busy business environment. Then the calendar might just get too crowded.

But for the normal user who just wants to have more than a boring schedule, Wikly offers just the right mixture of ease and colors to make scheduling a bit more fun.



Wikly is a colorful calendar which aims at displaying your appointments visually. It lets you manage almost everything with simple gestures and will make scheduling a lot more fun.