Top 5 Customer Service Apps for iPad Users

If you don’t give your customers the service they deserve, you won’t be around long whatever field you’re working in. Whether your enterprise is big or small, customers expect to be served day and night and thanks to customer service apps for iPad, you can now provide client support on your Apple tablet anywhere, anytime. It can definitely be worth the investment too. A good customer service app can mean the difference between an excellent customer experience experience or the kind that ends up as a customer service horror story like these. It’s important as well that apps look good on iOS which is why we’ve chosen apps that not only work well but have the good looks that iOS users expect.

Here are five of the best iPad customer service apps that will ensure you and your team can provide the highest quality customer service possible and also that your customers feel valued. Note that some of these iOS apps are based on the best customer service apps as identified in GetApp’s GetRank quarterly ranking system of top business software. This iPad customer service software is free to download but you’ll need a subscription in order to use them. Luckily, most of these apps come with a free trial.

Zoho Support

Zoho Support emphasizes a systematic and quantified approach to addressing tickets. Interaction is key to the app’s model, providing your help desk professionals with the ability to configure a custom WYSIWYG browser interface for end users without using any programming knowledge.

Zoho Support for iPad boasts a great looking feed with a list of all your tickets. Swipe left on this feed and you’ll be able to perform frequent ticket actions such as editing, closing, moving, or assigning. The iPad app has a collaborative feel to it: you can ‘@’ team members to tag them in tasks, and there’s support for statuses so users can say what they’re working on. Ubiquitous push notification support for iPad is included in Zoho Support.

Price: From $25 per month

Zoho Support for iPad


Zendesk is one of the best iPad customer service solutions available thanks to its ease of use even if you’re not familiar with SaaS or customer service software in general. Zendesk is packed with great customization options, robust language support and is used by businesses of all types and sizes. In fact Zendesk serves over 40,000 businesses worldwide including Vodafone, Shopify, and Groupon. Zendesk is especially suitable for larger enterprises because there’s no limit to how many agents can be used with it.

Zendesk for iPad allows you to manage your customer relations easily with a convenient overview of tickets pending and allows you to open new tickets. One thing to be aware of though is that notification sounds can’t be customized so it’s hard to know if you’re receiving a notification from Zendesk or one of your other app. If you want to ensure good relations with your customers, Zendesk for iPad is an excellent choice by making sure your communications with customers and their data are always at your fingertips.

Price: From $1 per month

Zendesk for iPad screenshot

Zendesk for iPad’s is one of the best iPad customer service apps around as you would expect from industry leaders such as Salesforce. Salesforce remains the biggest name in online CRM software and allows owners of small and medium-sized businesses to outsource their customer service needs. is very flexible and can handle everything from requests via email and social media to phone and online chat. is also very scalable allowing you to add as many agents as needed as customer demand requires. for iPad also takes advantage of Salesforce knowhow when it comes to tapping into what Salesforce does best – gathering customer history and other data. The performance dashboards give you a clear overview of your entire customer service operation on your tablet, so you can see at a glance how you’re performing in serving your customers.

Price: From $3 per month

Desk for iPad screenshot for iPad


Freshdesk is for those that want a user friendly ticketing system with a simple user interface that anyone can use. Freshdesk provides multi-channel customer support with website-based, email, social, mobile, and chat-based customer support ticketing.

Freshdesk for iPad has a very efficient self-service ticketing system built in and allows a high degree of customization features, allowing you to add logos, themes, and even code (CSS and Javascript). There are advanced reporting tools including a time-tracking tool that enables agents to record the time they spend working on tasks.

Price: From $15 per agent per month

freshdesk for ipad screenshot

Freshdesk for iPad


Help Scout

Help Scout is a web-based app for customer service that’s all about conversations. It’s essentially an email-based help desk which allows you to manage multiple inboxes and conversations with customers and assist in team collaboration.Help Scout doesn’t treat customers as numbers with ticket numbers but uses conversation threads for a more personal experience. As a result, customers feel like they’re being treated as a human rather than a number in a long waiting list.

Help Scout features an integrated knowledge base to build step-by-step tutorials and articles, real-time reporting and Gmail style filtered workflows which can automate responses to customer enquiries. To prevent overlap, there’s also a smart ‘collision detection’ that sends an alert if two staff members are working on the same task or customer issue. This makes it a very robust customer service app for iPad.

Price: From $15 per month

HelpScout for ipad screenshot

HelpScout for iPad

These are all top web based customer service software for iPad but we’d love to know which apps you use to manage customer interactions? Let us know in the comments below. Check out our sister site, GetApp, where you can compare customer service software and read user reviews.