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A simple question this week, following on from my earlier musings on whether a 3G iPad is really necessary. I’d like to ask the question; is a 3G iPad worth it for you?

This isn’t a poll on what you currently have, but rather an enquiry into whether you think getting a 3G iPad is worth it for you personally – would get get enough use from the service to make the extra initial cost, and contract, pay its way?

If you’re a frustrated user of a Wi-Fi only iPad then feel free to lodge your irritation and wish for a 3G enabled iPad. Conversely, if you’re a 3G iPad owner who wishes they hadn’t spent the extra money then get involved! Leave a comment below if there’s something specific you’d like to mention.

Is 3G worth it for you simply die to the addition of GPS? Or are you perfectly happy with tethering as you have your iPhone on you all the time? Do you prefer the simplicity of a 3G iPad?

Whatever your answer, feel free to give reasons in the comments!

The explosion of the iPad is nothing short of amazing! If you compare the iPad’s growth to that of the iPhone over the first two years, you’d be hard pressed to find evidence that its success is slowing down any time soon.

While reading through the inevitable, yet somehow still intriguing, technology predictions for 2012 I found a point made by Shawn Blanc to be a rather interesting one. He predicted that;

I think Apple is going to sell more of the 3G models. Just a hunch, but as people start to realize that their iPad can serve as a primary computer then an extra $129 to get 3G becomes a valuable upgrade.

Will the 3G iPad become the dominant model in 2012? Are there good reasons for you not to upgrade to a 3G iPad?


When it comes to specification, it can be hard to deal with not having the absolute best. If you’re not careful you’ll end up feeling genuinely sad that your car doesn’t have the heated leather seats or the racing pedals…

I guess this is somewhat the case with iPads. You head into the Apple store and beckon an assistant/expert/champion to help you with your purchase, they ask “which one would you like?”

If you’re brash enough to simply answer “the best one”, you could end up paying a little more than you were anticipating. A 64 GB flash hard drive and 3G connectivity doesn’t come cheap!

Most of us are considerably more discerning than that, weighing up the benefits of more space and roaming ability against the cost.

What did you decide to go for? Are you happy with your choice, or do you wish you had some extra space? Feel free to comment below!