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There have been endless posts about iPad accessories like cases or Bluetooth keyboards on all sorts of websites, but most people already have a case or a keyboard. With Christmas just around the corner, finding a unique gift for an iPad owner — or even an interesting new toy for yourself — can often prove more difficult than it should. In an effort to help you find an accessory that fills in a need you didn’t know you had, we’ve decided to compile a roundup of our favourite iPad and iPad mini accessories that go beyond Bluetooth keyboards and Smart Covers. (more…)

A physical keyboard has always been a topic of discussion when users talk about accomplishing real work on the iPad. While certain people are enjoying success including writing books using just the on-screen keyboard on the iPad, I feel the average user can appreciate a physical keyboard. A physical keyboard can provide the familiarity factor which can help a laptop or desktop user type productively on the iPad in very little time.

For the most part I have avoided keyboards for the iPad. It seems most of these keyboards are not trying to innovate on the iPad. For example, if I was a keyboard manufacturer I would try to get into Apple’s head and think if Apple included a keyboard with the iPad, what would it look like? Many of you might say they technically already do, and it’s called the Apple Wireless Keyboard. While that might be true I do not think it is practical to carry around an extra keyboard. Several problems come to mind, such as how to protect it and how to efficiently carry it. Again I am not saying that it cannot be done, but it seems like a hassle…


This is the third installment in our Buyer’s Guide series, in which we try to lay out what kinds of things you should buy for your iPad; or, in spirit of the season, what you can get for the person who already owns the most-wanted gift of the year!

This week we’re going to look at some of the most interesting accessories you can get for your iPad. They may not fit easily into categories but are definitely worth a look! Read on for your own personalized gift guide.


The iPad is my favorite gaming platform. I enjoy gaming with the large, multi-touch screen, and the variety of games makes things even better. With one device I can play ports of classic games, brand-new games, and sequels that may have never happened.

Still, trying to find what to buy for that iPad gamer can be difficult. Here are the best accessories and games to get the guy (or girl) that already has gaming bliss.


There haven’t been many case reviews on iPad.AppStorm, besides that small roundup and the official Apple Smart Cover, but today I’m adding something to the list. Some of you may have heard of the small USA-based case company called Portenzo. They build elegant – and expensive – iPad cases that are made of wood, similar to Dodocase. They also manufacture these cases for other devices, including the iPhone, Kindle, and Playbook. Their iPad 2 cases range from $59.95 to $499 – yeah, as much as the iPad itself – and come in a great assortment of colors and skins.

Now you’re probably wondering how these “elegant” cases compare to the other great ones out there, especially at that large starting price. Today I’ll give you my experience with a Portenzo Notebook Style case – dive right in!


If you have worked with computers much at all, you’re probably well aware that one of the worst potential scenarios is when you have to work with a printer. There are few things in the computer world that can rival the printer as far as time wasting goes – the endless tinkering on, habitual issues created, and bewildering variety of selections available often make for a dire experience.

The drivers tend to be massive, and are only barely compatible with your computer. At least, that’s always been how it seems to me. If a printer is such a pain to get to work with a computer, can you imagine getting your iPad to work with one?

The mind boggles.

So I was somewhat surprised when I discovered that Printer Pro actually does an excellent job, and is easy to use. Here’s a quick rundown on how to get the most out of it.