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It’s been a long time since I owned a Nintendo system that I actually used (that old Gamecube still works though), but I have really fond memories of some of the games I used to play. I get cravings for a few of them on iOS: namely, Mario Kart, Super Mario 64 (if Nintendo made that happen I’d die), and a Legend of Zelda game.

Well, with Oceanhorn, my request for the latter has been answered with a fantastic adventure RPG that pulls out all the stops in an effort to amaze me. And amaze me it has, to the point where Oceanhorn has absolutely become my game of the year. Read on to find out what makes Oceanhorn a must-play experience.


If there was one game I never understood growing up, it was the 2D overhead Zelda games on the original NES and SNES. I never thought they were bad, but they weren’t for me. As much as I liked the idea of attacking bizarre creatures with a sword, I preferred the side-scrolling world of Mario to Zelda any day of the week.

That’s why I was thrilled to discover Swordigo. Swordigo is a universal iOS game that is basically a combination of the RPG world of Zelda and the side-scrolling world of Mario. You’ll jump, run and attack your way through multiple worlds of side-scrolling, shore-wielding action. And I think it’s a blast.


Designing a successful adventure puzzler must be akin to perfecting an art form. If the game’s too difficult, then it becomes frustrating and the player immediately sets it aside. If the game’s too easy then the player whizzes through it and never gives it another thought. So, how do developers get it just right?

I’m not sure what magic formula the team at Colibri Games is using, but they are blazing a trail for others to follow. The Tiny Bang Story HD is a perfectly challenging adventure game featuring beautiful hand-drawn illustrations, five different chapters, dozens of mini brain teasers and an immersive storyline about a Tiny Planet that fell apart after being hit by a meteor. As you solve each puzzle, you’ll help rebuild the planet. Just remember: it won’t be easy.

Click “more” to take an in-depth look.


Not any day will do. People, food, and the merriment of the festival days where it can occur are to be avoided at all cost. You are not allowed the comfort of a fire. But if, at midnight, you should venture out into the wilderness and follow the ancient rite of the Year Walk, glimpses of the future may be revealed to you…but at what cost?

Take a walk with me as I delve into Simogo’s newest — and most distinctive — iPad experience, and unravel some of the dark secrets you can look forward to in this superbly atmospheric game.


Do you remember how much you loved those choose-your-own-adventure books when you were a kid? These stories would suck you right in, and you’d just have to discover each and every single possible ending, even if it took hours, right?

The folks at Visual Baker have created the equivalent for iOS. Underground Kingdom is a beautiful and entertaining “gamebook” for readers young and old, and features nearly two dozen different endings, animated illustrations and an interactive map that lets you chart your progress through the story. Click “more” for an overview.


The moment you see the start screen for Temple Run 2, you know something is different. It looks familiar, extremely reminiscent of the original, but with a makeover. It’s like somebody repainted your favourite bedroom and it just looks a little more polished than it did before. And that’s the sort of thing that applies to the visual overhaul that Imangi Studios has given Temple Run with the sequel.

The game retains the same premise as before. But Temple Run 2, like any great Hollywood sequel, expands on the premise with new concepts, characters and more spectacular action. It’s just an endless-runner game, but its prequel was universally hailed as the first and best. Temple Run 2 has a lot to live up to. (more…)

The latest big screen adaption of Ian Fleming’s MI6 agent, James Bond, was released this month and  it’s named Skyfall. Along with the usual action-packed story of car chases and many people being shot, there was the beautiful title song from Adele, some good acting from Daniel Craig and guests, and other things you’d expect from a 007 film. It was good, and I am glad I went to see it.

What about living the James Bond life though? Obviously you can’t do so daily, but there are always video games. Consider transporting yourself to the world of espionage and secret codes. Books can only take you so far, as can motion pictures. It’d be more fun to actually feel like you are the character. Sadly, there are no official Bond games available. There are alternatives, however, and I’d like to take a look at some of them after the break. (more…)

In July of 2011, independent developer Supergiant Games introduced Bastion to Xbox Live gamers. It brought a world of unique RPG fun to the platform with a great story and superb graphics. A month later, the developer released Bastion for PC via Steam, followed by its debut on the Chrome Web Store in December and the Mac App Store in April of this year. This month, the game has made its way to the iPad.

Boasting the same artistic graphics and exciting gameplay, Bastion aims to bring an amazing console and computer game to tablets. Is this edition worthy of all the high praise the game has received elsewhere? I’m going to take a full look at the game as if I’ve never played it before, so join me to find out. (more…)

Zynga. Say the name, and some people turn up their nose in disgust. These are the people who brought us FarmVille and CityVille, right? Who wants anything to do with them?

Well, you might change your mind once you check out Horn. Built using the Unreal Engine, the game is part Infinity Blade, part The Legend of Zelda and tells a pretty interesting story. But is it worth your hard earned cash? Let’s go on an adventure and find out. (more…)

When Telltale Games first announced plans to develop a video game adaptation of The Walking Dead, I was both excited and a bit skeptical. I mean, yeah, they’ve done it before with Back to the Future, which I thought was quite well done, but now we’re talking about The Walking Dead here! How could they possibly match the drama and suspense we’ve all come to know from the TV series?

As a huge fan of both The Walking Dead and Telltale’s adventure games in general, I decided to give the game a whirl and see for myself. The Walking Dead was first released on consoles and PCs earlier this year, but I wanted to hold off on purchasing the game until it was ported over to iOS — I just couldn’t resist the idea of being able to play on the go on the iPad’s Retina display. Was it worth the wait? Read on for more. (more…)

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