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The iPad is great for consuming content and I use mine to consume a lot of news. There are several apps that I use to consume content depending on the type of news. RSS resides in Mr. Reader. I also use Flipboard and Pulp for different types of news and feeds. However, I still had trouble finding sources for news and world events. Yes, I could enter several news sources into Flipboard or Pulp but those did not satisfy my need to examine a lot of news from different sources quickly.

News 360 is a news aggregator that brings a lot of news to your iPad. The app does not only just bring you news but brings in the same stories from different sources so a complete view is presented. The app analyzes your current news sources from Twitter, Facebook, Evernote, and Google Reader and allows you to share stories across the social web. If you are looking for a way to consume a lot of news from several different sources then News 360 could be for you.