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While the iPad has helped convert some users into a paperless environment, the need to print something out still exist. Apple recognized this fact by adding AirPrint to iOS. The problem with AirPrint is that it is mostly compatible with new printers. If your printer is over two years old, then most likely it is not compatible. For most people, the lack of printing needs does not justify a new printer purchase.

Printer Agent Pro helps take the pain of printing from an iPad. If your printer can connect to a wireless network then there is a good chance you can print from your iOS device. Read on to find out why Print Agent Pro can relieve your iPad printing woes. (more…)

It should be simple, shouldn’t it, to print from the iPad? I don’t mean simple as in “I’ve bought every Apple device known to man” kind of simple, I mean out-of-the box with what you have. Or at least maybe with a little tinkering, but not too much..

I just want to print anything – easily – through my home Wi-Fi network, to my Epson Stylus printer which is currently connected to my Windows 7 laptop.

Is it possible? Is it easy? Read on to find out…