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I’ve long wanted a Mario Kart-esque game for iOS, something I can play that delivers a madcap sense of karting fun without requiring a Nintendo console. So naturally, when I saw Angry Birds Go, the latest arcade thriller in the series that’s arguably the king of arcade thrills, I got really excited. Who can blame me? This looked like Mario Kart, but on my iPhone with characters that my little cousins don’t think are hopelessly outdated (sorry Nintendo).

The question is, though, despite all the hype, what are we really in for? Naturally, I have a few opinions. Read on to find out whether or not Angry Birds Go is worth getting all fast and furious over.


Let me start by saying this: I am a huge  Star Wars fan. I love the movies, I love the collectibles, I love the video games. So of course when Rovio announced they were making a Star Wars themed Angry Birds game, I was all over it. I was looked at video clips and screens shots while patiently awaiting the release date. And then it came, and I quickly picked it up.

After having a little more than a weekend to play with it, I can say I am not disappointed. Let’s check out Angry Birds Star Wars HD after the break. (more…)

The very first Angry Birds game was released on the iPhone in 2009, and has since become one of the top-selling iOS apps of all time. Millions upon millions of users have found themselves addicted, frustrated, and endlessly entertained by the simple act of flinging birds at pigs with slingshots.

The birds have travelled through deserts and forests, across seasons, and even down to Rio. Now, Rovio have taken the birds even further, all the way into the final frontier: Angry Birds Space is the newest addition to the series, and is packed with gravity puzzles, secret levels, and of course evil pigs.

Read on past the break for the full review!


Over the last year or so it’s become patently obvious that the iPad is a fantastic platform for gaming! From excellent iPad versions of iPhone games, such as Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja, to more serious console contenders, I’m thinking Infinity Blade and Real Racing, there has been an explosion of games available for the iPad.

The size of the iPad’s screen and it’s powerful processor lend it perfectly to running really quite advanced games, the iPad 2 makes a bold move even further in this direction with the serious increase in graphics power.

But, the real question is, what type of iPad gamer are you?

Just because the iPad can handle complex games doesn’t necessarily mean it’s suited to them, do you prefer to use iPad games to pass the time?

Or, are you someone who simply loves to get fully involved in your games – does the racing experience of Real Racing, and using the iPad’s gyro, take your love of games to the next level?

As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts – simply post a comment below! What is your favourite iPad game?

Since the beginning of the smartphone era it’s become abundantly clear that people love to game on the move. If snake didn’t make it obvious in ’90s, then Angry Birds has really flung it home.

The more powerful our mobile devices become, the more it seems right that we should delve further into the world of gaming, and move stridently beyond slicing fruit and landing planes. Is there an illustrious future for complex games on our smartphones? Perhaps, although I’m not sure the iPhone can ever truly compete with console gaming; the limitations are too great. What is more pressing a question is how far can gaming on the iPad go?

How well suited is the iPad for more complex and advanced games? Will it (or tablets in general) ever be able to compete with, or replace, consoles?