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It has been available on the App Store for less than two months but Letterpress already has a massive following. If you are a fan of word games, or even a fan of strategy games, then Letterpress could be for you. It’s completely addictive, and I’ve come up with a few strategies to turn Letterpress matches to your advantage.

In my previous article, Letterpress: Perfecting the Perfect Word Game, I talked about how the app itself could be improved in the future. In this article, I discuss ways that you can raise your game and win more often. (more…)

It’s only been out since 24th October 2012, but Letterpress (the new iOS app from Loren Brichter of Tweetie fame) has taken iOS gaming by storm. The crashing of Game Centre — the weekend following the launch of Letterpress app — has been attributed to its huge success. So what is the appeal of Letterpress, is it really the perfect word game? Following it’s update to version 1.1, on 17th November, is there really any room for improvement? (more…)

After being acquired by Twitter in 2010, atebits seemed to disappear from the app world. Just recently, its founder has surprised us by announcing the revival of the company as atebits 2.0. Its goal? To make things, the first of which being a game.

The brainchild happens to be the game we are reviewing today, Letterpress. While it is obvious that Letterpress is quite different than the rest of the word games available for iOS, is it strong enough to bring atebits back to the developing scene, or does it leave them in the dust? Find out after the break. (more…)