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I have been taking Spanish classes for almost a year now, but feel as if I need a helping hand in order to get a firm grasp of the Spanish language as sometimes I find that certain words and phrases just will not stick in my head no matter what I do. Enter Spanish For Dummies, an app version of the popular book that goes by the same name.

Spanish For Dummies can teach you basic Continental Spanish from the comfort of your own home, using text, audio, and even games to make the learning process as fun and pain-free as possible. Hit the jump to read more.


“Throughout history, people all over the world have invented stories to answer the profound questions of life.” These are the opening words of this interactive book for the iPad. It’s also available in hardback and audiobook, but the authors have also chosen to utilise the iPad platform to bring the book to life, and provide engaging audio, video and interactive tasks to help make the ideas easily accessible.

“The Magic of Reality for iPad presents the real story of the world around us,” say the authors, and they present their work with the exquisite attention to detail worthy of the scribes of old. Let’s take a closer look. (more…)

Forgive me, the pun in the title isn’t even my own. It’s merely the given name of one of the intriguing chapters in Color Uncovered, one of the most visually engaging apps I’ve ever reviewed – but not in the way you might be thinking!

Whether you’re a curious child, a fascinated adult, or a desperate science teacher who needs some inspiration for teaching the theory behind colours to students, Color Uncovered is an experience to behold.


If you’re considering getting an iPad, or have been looking for amazing and unique apps for an iPad you already own, chances are you’ve heard of The Elements. This app has been featured in Apple’s demos in addition to earning constant reviews ever since the iPad was released. Most of us struggled to remember the periodic table when in high school chemistry, so why would you want to get a new version of it for your shiny new gadget?

The Elements is an interactive eBook written by Theodare Gray, an author you may know from the Popular Science column “Gray Matter.” He and his team have photographed samples of each element they could and produced a coffee table book filled with high quality imagery and descriptions of each one.

They then redesigned the book for the iPad, bringing the periodic table into the 21st century. Most eBooks are simply a digital copy of the same text you could have bought in dead tree format, so is The Elements any different?