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Our featured sponsor this week is Budget Notes HD, the easiest and prettiest way to get your finances in check.

Does anyone really like to do bills? I’m sure someone out there gets a real kick out of coordinating and budgeting their finances, but for the rest of us, we usually need some kind of help to make life easier. Enter Budget Notes HD, a simple and clean way to make a budget, enter your expenses and income, and look great doing it.

So how does this bad boy work? Simple. Start by making a plan in the first column, showing your income and expenses for the month. Then, once all that drama is sorted out, use the middle column to enter expenses and income as they happen. The app automatically calculates out the info you need to know, making it easy for you to track all of your data. Then you can use the reports in the right column to determine where your money is going, and whether or not you’re doing it right, or there’s a huge problem on the horizon.

Budget Notes HD is easy on the eyes, too, particularly on the Retina display iPad. Not only does it look great, but the reports and charts all seem nice and fluid, in a very aesthetically pleasing way. Sure, there’s a bit of skeuomorphism involved, but it’s so subtle that it’s hard to even notice. Besides, shouldn’t everyone’s ledger look this good? And isn’t it easier to open an app every day if it’s good looking and fun to use?

Budget Notes HD

Budget Notes HD

Go Get It!

Budget Notes HD is available in the App Store right now, and better yet, it’s free! There is a $2.99 in-app purchase available if you want additional budgets, but that’s completely up to you.

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