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This is the third installment in our Buyer’s Guide series, in which we try to lay out what kinds of things you should buy for your iPad; or, in spirit of the season, what you can get for the person who already owns the most-wanted gift of the year!

This week we’re going to look at some of the most interesting accessories you can get for your iPad. They may not fit easily into categories but are definitely worth a look! Read on for your own personalized gift guide.


The iPad is my favorite gaming platform. I enjoy gaming with the large, multi-touch screen, and the variety of games makes things even better. With one device I can play ports of classic games, brand-new games, and sequels that may have never happened.

Still, trying to find what to buy for that iPad gamer can be difficult. Here are the best accessories and games to get the guy (or girl) that already has gaming bliss.