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One of the best text editors for iOS, the Markdown-powered Byword has been a firm favourite of ours with its simple iCloud and Dropbox integration and clean, distraction-free layout. With the release of iOS 7, the Portuguese-developed app has embraced this and has been updated with a more fitting UI and some other enhancements that make writing any quantity of text even more of a pleasure.

I put the latest release of Byword, now only available for iOS 7, through its paces to see what benefits it brings for those using Apple’s latest iOS release.

There have been many text editors on iOS over time, from iA Writer and Daedalus Touch, to Pages and Microsoft Word (unofficially, mind you). When someone asks me which one they should purchase, the answer is far from simple and usually begins with a question. I mean really, it all depends on what you need, not “what’s the best” since there are lots of different types out there.

First, there are true word processing apps like Pages that aid many a student and writer of manuscripts in completing their work. But then there are the simple, yet beautiful and nicely-featured distraction-free editors like iA Writer. If you really like these, then you’re in luck because in this article I’ll tell you all about the great Byword that has recently come to iOS. Keep reading for the full review.


Since the release of the first iPad in 2010, writers of all sorts – bloggers, journalists and journal-keepers alike – have been using Apple’s tablet to take their writing even further.

To that end, developers have been looking to create apps with the post-PC era writer specifically in mind; apps that put the emphasis on simplicity, productivity, and focus rather than seeing who has the longest feature list. Byword and iA Writer are among the best of these apps for the 21st-century writer; jump past the break to see how these two apps compare to one another!